New! Subsplash Media now has live stream trimming

March 19, 2021

Since creating the first-ever church app in 2009 (before even Netflix had an iPhone app!), we’ve remained committed to providing media tools that make it easier for churches and ministries to make the truth of Jesus incredibly accessible. 

Over the years, Subsplash Media has grown to include powerful features like one-click publishing, podcasting hosting, audio-only functionality, and so much more! And with the addition of Subsplash Live in 2020, your church’s live stream content can now be connected to your website, mobile and TV apps, and social channels.

We’re excited to announce media trimming, an all-new feature that makes your live streaming experience even simpler!

So how does it work? Trim your media in Subsplash Live with just three easy steps:


Take your content even further with Subsplash Live! Connect with your community in real time by streaming to your website, apps, and popular live streaming platforms. Plus, it’s all managed in one place—the Subsplash Dashboard.


Don’t want to include your worship band, or simply want to clean up the beginning and end of your live stream? No problem! With media trimming, you can trim the parts you don’t want to include. Simplify your post-production team’s workflow by eliminating the need to download your recorded live stream, edit, and reupload. 


Subsplash Live makes it seamless to schedule, trim, and publish your live events without ever leaving the Subsplash Dashboard. Once trimmed to your liking, simply publish and watch your live stream populate to your mobile app, TV app, and website with just one click! 

We hope this feature helps take the hard work out of live streaming so that you can engage your audience and expand your reach like never before.

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