6 reasons why every church needs recurring giving

September 9, 2021

Most churches rely on tithes and offerings to continue sharing the gospel, building disciples, and having a positive impact on their local communities. Yet the unpredictability of incoming donations and seasonal giving fluctuations often make it difficult to plan ahead or balance church budgets

For example, attendance often decreases in the summer due to vacations and summer activities, making it easier to forget to give tithes and offerings. On the other hand, churches often see a spike in donations at the end of the year as people rush to make their final tax-deductible contributions.

So, what’s the best way to ensure your community doesn't miss an opportunity to faithfully give? Top online giving platforms, like Subsplash Giving, offer “recurring giving”—a feature allowing donors to pre-schedule their tithes and gifts while also helping churches more accurately forecast upcoming donations. 

Let’s take a deeper look at how recurring giving works, and go over the six main reasons your church should offer it.


What is recurring giving


What recurring giving is & how it works

Recurring giving provides your online donors with the option to make their gift repeat on a regular interval, such as a weekly or monthly basis. Some people may choose to align their recurring donations with their paychecks, whereas others automatically give on Sundays to stay in sync with their church’s worship gatherings—the options are endless!


Recurring giving makes donating convenient


Those gifts withdraw automatically on the selected dates, meaning your donors no longer need to remember to write a check or give online every week or month. Your donors can also easily edit or pause their recurring gifts at any time.


Why every church needs recurring giving


6 reasons why your church needs recurring giving

Now that we have an understanding of how recurring giving works, let’s look at six major benefits that it offers to church members and leadership. 

1. Encouraging generosity

Pastors know that faithful tithers give more than occasional tithers. In fact, donors who use the recurring giving feature donate an average of 42% more each year than one-time givers! 

Enabling recurring giving helps your donors plan ahead, add giving to their regular budgets, and realize that greater generosity is possible. Churches that don’t offer recurring giving lose out on an opportunity to engage their most faithful donors. 

2. Better donor retention

Church members using recurring giving are also 80% more likely to continue giving than one-time givers! By making it convenient for them to schedule their donations on your church’s website and custom mobile app, your donors are going to stay around longer and continue giving on a long-term basis.


Recurring giving helps you plan your church’s budget


3. More accurate budget planning & management

Your finance team will also love the convenience and security that come with recurring giving. Being able to see scheduled tithes and offerings in advance allows your church to more accurately forecast your budget by anticipating upcoming donations.

4. Better giving experience for your donors

Today’s donors prefer online giving and appreciate having a recurring giving option. In fact, 45% of Christian donors are already enrolled in a monthly giving program! Your regular tithers will love the option to give conveniently and consistently with recurring gifts. Being able to schedule online tithes in advance ensures they never miss an opportunity to faithfully give to your church. 

Donors simply choose the option to make their gift repeat on a regular time interval, such as on a weekly or monthly basis. With this added flexibility, your community can give anytime, anywhere with the frequency that suits them. 

5. Deeper connections with senior donors

While it used to be the case that some older church members were intimidated by technology, those days are over. Studies show that 79% of seniors prefer to use auto-payments, more than any other age demographic! 

Also, over half of today’s seniors are already using their smartphones for making online payments. The seniors in your community will appreciate the recurring giving option. 

6. Recurring giving is free

Your church should keep as much of your donations as possible for what matters most: sharing the gospel and investing in your community. That’s why Subsplash Giving offers your church the best online giving tools with no monthly costs and features like recurring giving for free!

Every church can benefit from making online giving as convenient as possible while also delighting their donors with the best online donation experience. Recurring giving is a free feature included for all churches using Subsplash Giving! 

Activating recurring giving provides wonderful benefits for your users by enabling them to plan their gifts in advance and allowing them to be more generous. Your staff will also love the convenience of being able to see upcoming donations for planning your church budget. 

Don’t miss out on these powerful benefits! To learn more and schedule a free demo of Subsplash Giving,[.blog-contact-cta]let’s chat![.blog-contact-cta]


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