Introducing The Church App

April 14, 2023

[Originally published in 2009]

Here at Subsplash, our mission is simple: glorify God and proclaim Jesus as Lord by building innovative software for you - the Church. That's been our mission since day one, and it will continue to be the same going forward. We've been dreaming about a more unified mobile experience to better serve the global church. And that experience has arrived. Check out this video and keep reading below to learn more about The Church App:

What is The Church App?

The Church App is one universal app that is built to help churches engage their community while being part of the global church. You'll have your own custom branded app inside The Church App with all the same features that are currently available on the Subsplash Platform.

This app will increase discoverability, as we have added robust search tools that make it easier for your community to connect with your church. Users will be able to set a "home" church, as well as "favorite" other ministries they engage with, keeping all the content they interact with under one umbrella. The Church App also comes fully loaded with Subsplash Web Tools and Subsplash Giving, which makes it easier for you to streamline your app and website. 

Who benefits from The Church App?

Your church. Have you ever tried searching the App Store for something like "First Baptist Church"? As you can imagine, there are quite a few First Baptist Churches out there, and a search like this will yield hundreds of results. This can deter users from downloading your app, and as more churches have continued to go mobile, the App Store has become more cluttered.

The Church App makes your church more discoverable, as users can easily search for a church by name or by location. These search tools can also help you reach more of your local community, as anyone who has The Church App can find churches located close to them.

Additionally, we provide you with a unique text to download link, which takes users right to your church's app inside The Church App Store searching required! And of course, your church benefits from all the features you've come to love and expect from the Subsplash Platform, allowing for deeper engagement with your community.

Your community. With almost 16,000 churches utilizing the Subsplash Platform, chances are that many people in your congregation have more than one Subsplash app on their phone. With The Church App, all of the content your community wants to engage with lives in one central place.

In addition to your church's content, maybe someone in your community wants to listen to a sermon by Matt Chandler or Greg Laurie on their commute to work. Or maybe they would like to donate to another ministry they enjoy supporting. Or maybe one of their friends has shared a sermon or event with them from that person's church back home.

Now all of these things can happen in one app. This will keep users coming back, as their home church's content, their giving account, sermon notes, and content from other ministries they enjoy will be easily available without forcing them to download multiple apps. 

When is The Church App available?

Right now! You can download The Church App for iOS and Android here.

What's Next?

For the last eight years, we've been building out our platform to better serve you. We are focused on taking this app to the next level, offering you deeper engagement options than ever before. We are so excited, and we hope you'll join us for the ride!

If you have questions about The Church App, or if you would like to add your church, [.blog-contact-cta]schedule a free demo today[.blog-contact-cta] or contact us at 469-564-3922.


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