Introducing Subsplash Live!

April 16, 2020

With your community constantly on the go, finding new ways to stay connected is important. Maintaining meaningful relationships and facilitating regular participation helps build and foster a more authentic community. That’s why we’re taking digital engagement and the Subsplash Platform to the next level with live streaming! Just because someone is unable to be physically present doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the chance to engage with your community.


Introducing Subsplash Live, real-time streaming to your website and apps, managed in one place! Live streaming is an incredibly effective way to engage your audience and expand your reach beyond your church's walls. With Subsplash Live it’s now powerfully integrated into the Subsplash Platform to help you stay connected when you need it most. Whether your community is on vacation, sick at home, or unable to attend in-person gatherings, live streaming provides an impactful opportunity for maintaining connection during every season.

"We see this as providential timing as many churches are eagerly looking to connect with their communities and expand their reach. As a company dedicated to serving churches, we are committed to equip and enable churches to stay connected with their communities." —Tim Turner, CEO & Founder

Subsplash Live brings powerful features to the Ultimate Engagement Platform™ to help you engage your community like never before.

Live streaming simplified®

Live streaming your events has never been more simple. Subsplash Live seamlessly streams high-quality broadcasts to any device and supports a wide range of popular encoders.

Broadcast everywhere

Connect with your community regardless of their location in real time, meeting them where they're at. Subsplash Live simultaneously pushes your content to your custom mobile app, TV app, and website, with syndication to Facebook and YouTube.

Embed your streams

With Subsplash Live you can embed your live stream feeds with Subsplash web integrations, stream to any device, cast to smart TVs via Airplay and Chromecast, get key insights and analytics, and so much more.    

Instant on-demand

Once finished recording, your live content instantly converts into on-demand content through our all-in-one media solution. This automatically makes your content available in your media library for those who missed a live streamed event or who want more ways to stay connected to gospel-centered content.

Simulated Live

It doesn’t stop there! Simulated live allows you to record your content in advance and stream it live later, giving you more time to plan ahead while creating an immersive live experience for your audience.

Subsplash Live is taking the hard work out of live streaming so that you can engage your audience and expand your reach like never before.

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