Equipping a mobile generation to read the Bible

February 25, 2021

Let’s face it, reading through the entire Bible can be pretty daunting. Many people start out enthusiastically only to fall behind and give up just a few weeks in. Creating a Bible reading plan is a great way to keep your readers on task, and putting that plan in your app keeps it in their pockets 24/7. Let’s take a look at four steps that will help you equip your community to read through the Bible together:

How to create a Bible reading plan

How to create a Bible reading plan

1. Pick a Bible reading plan

Did you know that your Subsplash mobile app comes with Bible reading plans? Well, it does! From the Subsplash Dashboard, simply add a “Bible” tab to your app. You will be able to select which plan you would like to do from there. If you’d like to add your own custom daily Bible reading plan, you can do that too! With just a few clicks, your reading plan is ready to go.

2. Get the word out

Of course you will want as many people as possible to join this journey of reading the Bible together, so encourage them to jump in! A great place to start is by announcing it from the stage at church on Sunday and adding it to your bulletin. This is also a great time to make sure everyone knows where to find the Bible reading plan in your church’s mobile app.

Additionally, you can send an email, post to your social media accounts, and send push notifications. Group push notifications will be a great way to keep everyone in the loop as the plan progresses, and to celebrate milestones as well!

3. Create a community

It’s no secret that completing a one year Bible reading plan without regular accountability is tough. You can combat this by creating small groups that will go through the reading plan together. Creating a custom form in your app is a great way to facilitate signups. To help you do this, we’ve created a free template that can be found in the Bible reading plan checklist.

Once the group is up and running, you can use the Fill In Notes tool for group discussion questions. We recommend featuring all of your Bible reading plan resources in one place in your app. This will help your readers stay on track and provide them with easy access to everything they need.

4. Provide simple reminders

It’s time to go above and beyond! The best Bible reading plans will provide simple reminders to all of your readers will help keep them on task. This could be a bookmark, a magnet, a postcard, or some other small token.

If you’d like to provide some digital reminders, we’ve got you covered! Our design team has created some beautiful phone and desktop wallpapers that you can provide to your audience. These wallpapers are free and can be found in the Bible reading campaign checklist. Now every time one of your readers looks at their screen, they will be reminded of their commitment!

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