Jolly Christmas Party 2011


This year marked the 2nd Annual Christmas party at Subsplash.  It far exceeded Christmas from the year before.

While families made introductions around the room, Chris turned and quietly commented

 “Last year we had like 10 people huddled around a table eating pizza, now look at this!”

As we glanced around the room it was filled team members that had more than doubled from the last year, families enjoying each other, and co-workers strengthening friendships.


Wave of Grace

Tim and Kristy, who faithfully started and have lead Subsplash as a married team, took some time to catch the whole team (spouses and kids included) up to speed on the way God has moved through the company the past year.


At the end we left feeling as we always do, grateful that with Humility we get to pursue Excellence and Innovation.

We love what we do. We love who we do it with. We love that we have been entrusted to make excellent software and strive to serve and delight those using our apps!

Christmas is like a built-in Sabbath. Time to stop, take a breath and look back at how God has been faithful.

We pray you might be able to take a look back at how God’s been faithful to you this past year, and hold close to the hope that changed everything 2000 years ago.  Jesus is the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas He is Risen