So, What is a CMS?

In the realm of technology there are a lot of terms and acronyms, it can get confusing. One fairly common question that we get is; "what is a CMS?". Well, that is a really good question. CMS stands for Content Management System and there can actually be a few different types. But for our purposes here at Subsplash, when we talk about a CMS, we are referring to online software that acts as one central place where you can control the content, publishing, and editing of your websites, apps, etc. Even something like Facebook is a limited CMS, a place to control your content on a page online. The beauty of a CMS is that it makes managing your end user software incredibly easy and you don't have to know any code - which is a good thing!

Here at Subsplash, we have created a CMS from the ground up to help churches and ministries very easily control the content, layout, features, and artwork of their mobile apps. You don't have to deal with Apple or Android, you don't have to know code, yet you still have complete control of your apps by simply plugging and playing online! We've built our system to give our users control of layout, features, artwork, and the content of their apps. You can make changes any time you want!

If you ever have questions about Subsplash, The Church App, or technology in general, we are here to help!