The Mobile Renaissance: How Mobile Technology is Changing the Way We Do Life

2012 mobile stats.002
2012 mobile stats.002

There's an app for that. Chances are you've heard this catchphrase, and chances are it won't be going away any time soon. Mobile technology and smartphones are here to stay. With 6.8 Billion people in the world, there are an astonishing 4.6 Billion mobile phones - that's almost as many phones as there are people! In fact, there are four times more smartphones activated daily than there are births! Mobile is blowing up, and we are too! Check out these recent mobile stats:

- 1.3 Million Android and iOS devices are activated daily.

- Predicted 2.5 Billion smartphones sold between 2010-2015.

- iPhone and Android app users spend 80 mins/day using apps.

- People on average spend 30 minutes per launch of a Subsplash App.

- Over 50% of video traffic is now on mobile.

- There are 91.4 Million smartphones in the United States alone.

- Smartphone sales are up 73% since the start of 2011.

- 9 out of 10 smartphone users use their phone on a daily basis.

- Estimated $15.9 Billion in expected end-user spending with smartphones in 2012. We're feeling pretty good about these stats here at Subsplash. Smart phones and tablets have slowly but surely edged out PC's with more sales and daily web consumption in 2011. It seems that we're right on the cusp of this mobile web explosion - making anywhere, anytime technology pocketable.

We feel incredibly blessed to be a part of the mobile movement with The Church App. Included in the uprise of mobile web use is the frequency of application use and downloads. Mobile applications are setting the bar for user experience, and staying innovative is essential to having a competitive edge. We are ecstatic to share that there are roughly 500,000 page views a day on The Church App platform! We can only anticipate these numbers growing significantly as we go live with new applications everyday. As we like to say, "When it comes to mobile, it's not if but when," and that "when" is now.

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