How to cultivate generosity this Easter

January 23, 2024

For churches, Easter services are some of the most-attended events of the year, which typically leads to a significant increase in charitable donations. The average church sees a 32% increase in donations after they launch online giving, so why not use this opportunity to encourage generosity in support of your mission?

Whether in person or online, here are some practical ways to make it simple for your members and visitors to partner with your church financially this Easter season.



Enable giving on your app & website

The first and most important step is to add digital giving to your church’s website and app. This gives your community and visitors alike an easy and convenient way to donate, whether they’re attending in person or online!

Increase generosity and enable your community to give any time from anywhere through your church website, mobile app, and text giving with Subsplash Giving.



Set up funds & causes

Another effective way to cultivate generosity is through special campaigns and fundraisers. Subsplash Giving makes it simple to set up funds and causes for whatever initiatives your church is focused on at the moment. 

For example, if your church is organizing a Lenten food drive or raising funds for an Easter egg hunt, you can effortlessly draw attention to these efforts and make it simple for your community to give directly to them through your mobile app and website. Plus, this is a great opportunity to encourage anyone participating in a “generosity challenge” for Lent to give back to your church!

Utilize text-to-give

Finally, the Easter season is the perfect time to implement text-to-give, which allows your donors to set up their gifts using a simple SMS text code. This is especially effective for reaching first-time visitors who may not have your app downloaded on their smartphones.

Having an online giving solution is crucial for reaching your church’s financial goals throughout busy holiday seasons and the rest of the year. 

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