How Donor-Covered Fees Help Fuel Your Mission™

November 14, 2019

Since building the first in-app giving experience back in 2009, we've always focused on what matters most: fueling the mission of churches and organizations around the world and helping you keep more of your donations where they count. (That’s why Subsplash Giving offers you the best rates in the industry with no monthly fees!)

In 2016, we were focused on creating a way  to ensure your church gets the best rates in the industry without having to haggle or negotiate with giving providers. As a result, we introduced GrowCurve™ as a new feature that continues to lower your rates as your donations increase.

Check out these fantastic benefits from our latest Subsplash Giving product update, Donor-Covered Fees:

Keep More of Your Donations

Donor-Covered Fees provides your donors with the opportunity to cover processing fees when submitting a gift through your church’s website, custom mobile app, or text giving. When they choose this option on your mobile app or website, your church keeps 100% of their donations. This means your effective rate is 0%!

Learn more about how to calculate your effective rate here.

Donor-Covered Fees & Recurring Gifts

Donor-Covered Fees works seamlessly with recurring gifts, as well as one-time donations. Recurring gifts play an important role in your church, as they bring financial stability and facilitate budget planning. Now your donors can simply check a box to cover processing fees for their existing recurring gift!

Easily Track Fees Covered by Donors

Now you can know at a glance which online giving transaction fees are being paid by your donors right in your Subsplash Giving Dashboard. The total fees can also be summarized as a report. While we think the benefits are clear, churches can easily disable or enable this option in their Subsplash Giving Dashboard.

Your donors can see when they’ve covered the fees on their receipts and donor history. For recurring givers, their covered fees will also appear on their receipts.

Our heart is to help fuel your mission, and Donor-Covered Fees is just one more way Subsplash is partnering with you to maximize your ministry’s resources for kingdom work. Please contact us to learn more or get started today!


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