Tech Roundup: The Future of Cell Phones, 10 Must-Have Apps for Entrepreneurs, and More

There’s no shortage of content on the world-wide-web, and very few moments in your day that you aren’t presented with that content–whether it be your social media feeds, news apps, or your favorite Youtube channel.

To help you narrow down the best technology content, we are starting a new monthly blog series with a roundup of our favorite stories. We’d love to make this an ongoing conversation about what is going on in our industry and we’d love to hear what you have to say! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

1. The Future of Cell Phones

Smartphone technology has improved leaps and bounds in the past decade and it’s fascinating to consider what might be next for multi-functional mobile devices. Some developments in the works: using mobile phones as ID and credit cards, enhanced mobile banking, and advanced mobile marketing features. There’s even talk of having our phones charged by sound waves. The possibilities are endless!

2. 3 Reasons a Mobile-Optimized Website Is No Longer Optional

Since Google started considering mobile optimization a ranking signal starting earlier this year, companies are feeling more and more pressure to make mobile optimization a priority.

That’s one of the many reasons why it’s such an exciting time to be working in the mobile software industry!

3. 10 Must-Have Apps for Entrepreneurs

Don’t miss these great apps that will help you with everything from improving communication to streamlining processes. Everything you need to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit is a click away!

4. Mobile Takes Over Desktop for Online Search

It’s official. According to a report by Google, people use their mobile devices for online search more than their desktops.

The shift towards mobile continues to implicate every aspect of the online experience and brands are running out of reasons to not make mobile optimization a priority, especially now that Google “punishes” websites in search rankings if they are not mobile responsive.

5. Upcoming ‘Shift Sneakers’ Will Change Color and Design Via Mobile App

A dream come true for all of you fashion lovers out there, a concept by +rehabstudio is in the making that will let you change the color of your sneakers via mobile app. The days of having to buy a whole other pair of shoes to match an outfit will soon be a thing of the past.

Now you know what you’ve been missing in your life: the ability to change the color of your shoes with your smartphone.

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