Smartwatches + Subsplash

Apple Watch and Android Wear Support

The Apple watch is finally here–adding another sleek competitor to the smartwatch world. With the arrival of the Apple and Android watches, we’re very excited to announce that both watches support your Subsplash app! That's right, they work right out of the box!

How does your app talk with your watch?

We're glad you asked. Smart watches have a number of compatible features that connect with your app instantly. Control the audio from your app directly from your Apple or Android watch. Push Notifications also appear on both Apple and Android watches, giving you another platform to reach your audience with direct messages. Android watches also have the ability to display your artwork along with the audio! 

Why Smart Watches?

Smart watches eliminate the step of having to pull out your phone to perform certain functions. Rather than hearing your phone vibrate, checking your text, and then responding, your smart watch frees up your hands and gives your voice the power. Respond to texts, get directions, make calls, and open apps with just your voice! Yes, you may feel like an FBI agent for awhile. We are so excited about this new technology, and can't wait to hear how you use them!