The One-Stop-Shop for Communication

Helping families feel connected and in-the-know is one of the many benefits for schools when they add a mobile app to their communication strategy. For Calvary Christian School, a private school in the Cincinnati area, building an app for their school has provided an added, and extremely important avenue of communication for students, staff, and parents.

We chatted with Dr. Bill Dickens, the school’s Administrator, to hear some of the specific ways the CCS app has helped them engage with their audience.

Q: What goals is your app aiming to accomplish?

A: Our goals for the app are two-fold. First is to provide a “one-stop shop” platform for all things related to Calvary Christian School. Second is to provide another avenue of notification through “push notifications” to connect families to the school. We wanted an additional channel besides email and social media.

Q: How has your app added value to CCS ?

A: Besides accomplishing the two goals above, it has provided another example of our desire to move forward with technology.

Q: What results have you seen through the app so far? (Downloads, increased engagement, etc.)

A: For a school of just 400 we already have over 300 downloads, which automatically means more convenience for our families and more engagement for those who have downloaded the app.

Q: Any other comments on the app, Subsplash Platform, and how you’re using it to engage your audience?

A: I love the app and the way it looks. Simply having the app has improved the image of our school. When we point people to the app, they seem pleasantly surprised that we have an app!

After a successful roll out of their app at their annual orientation, CCS has had a great response to the app from their community. We are so glad to see how our platform helped CCS move along their organization's vision quickly and that adoption has been easy across the board!


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