Be inspired! Mobile content we loved in 2018

Behind the scenes at Subsplash, our team gets a front row seat to incredible content made by our clients for their apps, websites, podcasts, giving campaigns, and more. Countless hours, pixels, and bytes—all of them created to impact communities around the world.

Your content inspires us, encourages us, gets us through traffic, takes us deep into God’s word, and gives us joy as we serve the Church with great technology. We love seeing the content you create, and how you use the tools on the Subsplash Platform to engage your audience.

Looking back on 2018, here are just a handful of apps that we love—and you will too!



“I’m constantly encouraged by the sermons I listen to on the Bethel app. They publish an enormous volume of media with incredible variety, and I love hearing from so many teachers and pastors!” —Gretchen, Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Fresh Life

“I love that Fresh Life updates their app regularly so that it always looks current and keeps returning users engaged. They know the impact their Subsplash app has in their church community and in the lives of people that use them, so they’re continually working to leverage our platform well.” —Josh, Client Success Manager

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“I always refer to NorthStar when another ministry is looking for inspiration. Their app is designed so well, with a timeless look that’s also easy to use. That’s a tough line to walk but they do it with excellence.” —Manny, Client Success Manager


Christ the King

“My hometown church, Christ the King has a great app that allows me to stay in touch even after moving away. I really enjoy that they upload their weekly sermons, because it allows me to listen to teachings from Pastor Grant during my commute.” —Brian, Sales Manager


The Summit Church

“I’ve loved learning about The Summit Church’s heart to plant churches across the globe. It’s inspiring to see how they’re getting people connected locally and encouraging growth as disciples of Jesus. Their app also includes some original worship music, which I personally enjoy!” —Tayla, Client Success Manager



“At first I was drawn into this app by its beautiful design: the graphics, color palette, and typography. It’s so visually appealing and engaging. I also enjoy the music and live performance videos. The entire app is truly an audio-video feast!” —Chuwei, Front-End Engineer

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Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)

“FOCUS hosts conferences every year with phenomenal speakers, and they upload all of the talks to their app. Whether the topic is theology, scripture, or faith in modern culture, I’ll often listen while working or running errands. They also have a robust set of Bible studies and discipleship resources!” —Clare, Accountant


Anthem Ventura

“I love the app for Anthem Ventura because it strikes a great balance between encouraging members of their church and reaching out to people beyond its four walls. There are opportunities for newcomers to learn more, as well as for members to engage with easy access to classes, events, and service teams. Plus the graphics throughout the app are stellar!” —Madi, Ministry Consultant

Download a few of these apps today to get inspiring content and some new ideas for your own mobile strategy. If you want to learn more about custom apps and The Ultimate Engagement Platform™, let’s chat!

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