Maximize your App

You have a lot to do. There are people to meet with, phone calls to make, schedules to organize, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s likely that when you first got your app set up, you included the most basic functionalities to meet your goals and for it to serve its purpose, but even though you might have identified the need to update your app, you might not have the time to explore best practices and new functionalities and how they could benefit your organization.

It’s easy to settle into routine and the “maintenance” phase for any project or initiative, but sometimes it takes some refining and re-imagining to be top-of-mind for your audience once again.

We want to highlight a few important aspects of successful apps and take a look at some features that will maximize the way you engage with your audience on mobile. First, we will take a look at some ways to delight your audience, and in the coming weeks we’ll talk about ways you can connect with your audience.

1. Use Compelling Images

Boring stock photography is a thing of the past. With great sites like Unsplash and Death to Stock, there’s no reason your users should have to endure poor-quality images. Think of your app as being a first impression and your one shot at engaging a prospect.

Are your images high-quality? Are the colors you’re using in line with your brand? Is there anything in your app that’s visually distracting or unappealing?  

2. Create a Layout that Makes Sense

Organizing your content in a way that is easy-to-navigate and intuitive is very helpful to guiding your user's’ experience in your app. Putting your most important content front and center will encourage visitors to stay in your app longer.

If you’re not sure what best practices are for app development layouts, this Layout Best Practices resource will help get you started.   

3. Provide Fresh Content

When was the last time you uploaded new content in your app? Helpful and relevant content is what will prompt your audience to come back to your app. More content means more traffic and usually, more leads.

But creating good content that is helpful to your reader is the key. Use the data that you have about your audience to make decisions about what kind of content to include in your app, and update that content regularly. Creating content for maximum return will ultimately be determined by quality and frequency.

What are your biggest challenges in keeping your app up-to-date and fresh? Let us know about in the comments below!