Introducing Subsplash Notes

One of the most powerful ways that your community engages with your content is by taking notes during the church service each week. We’ve sought to make the note-taking process easier than ever with our latest feature, Subsplash Notes. Our team has been working hard on this feature, and it lays the groundwork for many additional features we will be adding to our platform in the future. Check out this video and read below to learn more about Subsplash Notes:

What is Subsplash Notes?

Subsplash Notes acts as a digital journal. To access Notes, all users have to do is pull up a media item and simply take a note. These notes will automatically sync across all devices, so a note that is taken at church on Sunday will also show up on that user’s tablet when they get home. Notes are stored in the app side menu, so users will never have to worry about losing them again, even when they purchase a new device! Additionally, each note is attached to the corresponding media item, so users can easily access their notes in the future.


How is Subsplash Notes different from Fill in Notes?

You may already be using the Fill in Notes tool to build outlines and digital bulletins for your Sunday services. Subsplash Notes is different in that it provides a free-form digital journal for your users. With this feature enabled, the option to take a note will automatically show up on each new media item, so you won’t have to put any work into creating a note each week. Subsplash Notes will not replace Fill in Notes. Both features will be available to your ministry to use in conjunction with one another.


When will my church get Subsplash Notes?

We are in the process of adding Subsplash Notes to every single app on our platform! You can expect to see Notes available in your app over the coming weeks. If you have any questions about how to best utilize Subsplash Notes, you can reach out to your Client Success Manager or give us a call at 206-965-8090.