Equip & Engage: Our new podcast is here!


What does it look like to equip the church to engage the world with the truth of Jesus? At Subsplash we’ve been asking this question for over a decade, and we’re excited to share insights from years of industry-leading innovation in our brand new podcast!

Equip & Engage explores how technology can support the mission of the church to make more and better disciples. Joined by leaders and pastors, our team of ministry-minded experts will be diving into conversations surrounding the heart of ministry and the future of church engagement.

Since we created the first-ever church app in 2009, Subsplash has been leading the way with world-class products that delight millions of users around the world. Today, the timeless gospel of Jesus Christ is reaching communities in ever-changing ways, and we’re committed to helping churches everywhere meaningfully engage their audiences today and into the future.

Are you looking for ways to build authentic community in a digital age? Are you wondering how to reach every generation with the gospel? Are you creating a mobile strategy for the first time?

This podcast is for you, and we hope you’ll join us. Subscribe to Equip & Engage today!

Did you know? Equip & Engage was built from the ground up on the Subsplash Platform! With one-click publishing in the Subsplash Dashboard, we’re uploading content only once and automatically updating audio and video feeds on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more. To learn more about podcasting on our platform, contact us today at 206-965-8090 or let’s chat!