Apps We Love (And You Will too!)

We use apps to stream our favorite music, get from point A to point B, track our schedules, local weather, and even our health. 90% of users spend their time in apps versus the mobile web, so we know we aren't the only ones who are enjoying a wide variety of apps to make our lives more enjoyable and convenient. 

Here at Subsplash, we genuinely love the apps that we help our clients create, and we use them in a variety of ways. After doing a survey of our awesome team of mobile experts, we thought we'd share our results for the most used and favorite Subsplash apps. Who knows, you might discover something new from this list!

1. The Village Church - Krissy, Marketing Manager

Krissy listened to Pastor Matt's sermons while running her first ever marathon.

2. Grace to You - Lars, Web Developer

Anytime Lars has trouble understanding a passage of scripture, he will search in the Bible sub tab of the Grace to You app to find a sermon covering that passage. 

3. St. Tikhon - Bill, Platform Specialist

Bill loves to listen to the Orthodox choir music in the Saint Tikhon app when he goes on walks. 


4. Reach Church - Chris Sharpe, Director of Sales

The Bible Reading plan resource in the Reach Church app helped Chris go through the entire Bible in a year!

5. Calvary Christian Fellowship - Bobby, Client Relations Manager

Bobby has loved getting to know the team at Calvary Christian Fellowship and learning the unique ways they are using Subsplash Giving. They have set up a special fund to help flood victims in Baton Rouge. 

6. Ransomed Heart Ministries - Eric, Director of Marketing

When Eric was considering moving to Seattle, the podcast in the Ransomed Heart Ministries app inspired him and his wife to take a risk and move here to help plant a church. He was encouraged by The New Normal episode - “Nothing changes in the circumstance but everything is changed in the way we live within those circumstances.”

There are countless more apps we could mention and praise, but then you'd be reading this blog post all day :) If you have a story of how a Subsplash app has blessed you, leave us a comment below! And if you are interested in learning more about our engagement platform, send us a note!