Welcome to Subsplash. We are a team of people that love creating beautiful software. We are located in the beautiful and always sunny Seattle, Washington. At the center of everything we do, we rely on three core values: Humility, Innovation, and a Drive for Excellence. We hope that we can truly glorify Jesus Christ through our work.

Subsplash HQ

Our team is focused on creating a robust platform that enables organizations of all sizes to brilliantly present their media online, through mobile apps, and to a podcast feed.


1. Humility

2. Innovation

3. Excellence



Subsplash started as a design consultancy, crafting software experiences for brands like Microsoft, Cisco, XBOX, T-Mobile, Expedia and Samsung. Some of our work received praise from Engadget, Gizmodo, Wired, and the Wall Street Journal. 




In 2009 we launched the very first church iPhone app with full-length sermon audio and video. The success of this app lead us to create the Subsplash App Platform to enable other organizations to easily create their own apps on iPhone.




We added Android Phone support to the Subsplash Platform and launched the online Dashboard and App Builder.




We expanded the Subsplash Platform to design and build custom experiences on iPad.



Luminance gives you pro photo editing capabilities in a simple and elegant interface. Effortlessly add effects to your photos, choose from many built-in presets, crop the area you want, and copy edits you've made from one photo and apply them to multiple photos. 

Runner-Up App of the Year by Apple

Featured App of the Week in the App Store

  • Create any look, with an infinite combination of adjustment layers.
  • Place your adjustment layers in any order to create unique effects.
  • Choose from many built-in presets.
  • Crop & Rotate
  • Copy edits from a photo and apply them to multiple photos.
  • Share photos to Facebook, Twitter, Camera Roll, Email, Copy, and Print.
  • View the history of any photo and easily jump back to a previous edit.
  • Export photos at full resolution (Small, Medium, Large, or Original)



Windows Phone is officially launched to the Subsplash Platform and thousands of apps go live to the Windows Phone Store!




Android Tablet and Kindle Fire are added to the Subsplash Platform.


The Subsplash Web Player goes live as a part of Subsplash Cloud.


Join our team

We’re always looking for dedicated people who embody our values and want to work toward creating beautiful software that serves our audience.


Web Developer

We are looking for a front-end web developer with 2-5 years experience.

App Specialist

Do you love delighting customers with great service? Do you have technical knowledge or experience? You might make a great app specialist. 

Marketing Director

Looking for a forward-thinking, creative individual to head up our marketing team. 5-10 years industry experience preferred.