3 Reasons Our Apps are Easy to Launch & Maintain

It might feel intimidating to start the process of building an app for your organization. We have worked hard to make our Platform as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, but anytime you are familiarizing yourself with a new project and new technology, there's always a learning curve.

We want to ease your worries about building a customized app, because the rewards (increased engagement, donations, and reach just to name a few) are absolutely worth the effort. Here are the main reasons why you can expect a smooth and simple process when setting up an app with us.


Our Platform Specialists will immediately be in touch once you become a client. You'll receive an email to schedule a kick-off call with a mobile expert and an open invitation from that point forward to reach out to our Platform Specialist Team with any questions or concerns about setup, maintenance, or tech support.  


Included with all app packages are a a few helpful materials to get you started. A "Get Your App Live" checklist, launch kit, app promotion slide to display at church or on social media, and Subsplash Giving promotion video are all included to help you feel confident in the process of getting your app or giving live! Our Platform Specialist team wants to set you up for success not only in building your app, but in helping people know about it!


Did you know if you work with us there is a dedicated group of people whose main job is to help you with your app?! The success of your app is a team effort and we want you to thrive. From implementation and tech support, to an ongoing account manager who’s with you every step of the way, we love serving you! 


To experience the unparalleled customer service that our team can offer, get in touch with us today! 

Apps We Love (And You Will too!)

We use apps to stream our favorite music, get from point A to point B, track our schedules, local weather, and even our health. 90% of users spend their time in apps versus the mobile web, so we know we aren't the only ones who are enjoying a wide variety of apps to make our lives more enjoyable and convenient. 

Here at Subsplash, we genuinely love the apps that we help our clients create, and we use them in a variety of ways. After doing a survey of our awesome team of mobile experts, we thought we'd share our results for the most used and favorite Subsplash apps. Who knows, you might discover something new from this list!

1. The Village Church - Krissy, Marketing Manager

Krissy listened to Pastor Matt's sermons while running her first ever marathon.

2. Grace to You - Lars, Web Developer

Anytime Lars has trouble understanding a passage of scripture, he will search in the Bible sub tab of the Grace to You app to find a sermon covering that passage. 

3. St. Tikhon - Bill, Platform Specialist

Bill loves to listen to the Orthodox choir music in the Saint Tikhon app when he goes on walks. 

4. Reach Church - Chris Sharpe, Director of Sales

The Bible Reading plan resource in the Reach Church app helped Chris go through the entire Bible in a year!

5. Calvary Christian Fellowship - Bobby, Client Relations Manager

Bobby has loved getting to know the team at Calvary Christian Fellowship and learning the unique ways they are using Subsplash Giving. They have set up a special fund to help flood victims in Baton Rouge. 

6. Ransomed Heart Ministries - Eric, Director of Marketing

When Eric was considering moving to Seattle, the podcast in the Ransomed Heart Ministries app inspired him and his wife to take a risk and move here to help plant a church. He was encouraged by The New Normal episode - “Nothing changes in the circumstance but everything is changed in the way we live within those circumstances.”

There are countless more apps we could mention and praise, but then you'd be reading this blog post all day :) If you have a story of how a Subsplash app has blessed you, leave us a comment below! And if you are interested in learning more about our engagement platform, send us a note! 

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Are you ready for a sweet little giveaway!?

As a way to show our appreciation for the churches and ministries we work with, we are launching a giveaway.

If you have an app with us, share a post on social media that mentions something you love about your app, or a positive experience you've had working with us, and tag a friend on Twitter or Facebook who might be interested in building an app for their organization. Mention @subsplash or @thechurchapp and you will be automatically entered to win!

The giveaway begins at 12AM PDT on September 16th and ends at 12AM PDT on September 22nd. One lucky winner will be announced on September 23rd.

Don't miss this great opportunity to win a free Apple TV (and get your Netflix on).

Best of luck!

-The Subsplash Team

4 Ways to Ramp Up for Fall with your App

It's that time of year when people are returning from vacation and settling back into routine. Fall is the beginning of a busy time for many churches as the pews start to fill out again and your staff is likely ramping up for a new sermon series, getting people connected, and even gearing up for the holidays.

Your app can help you feel more prepared for this busy time. Here are a few ideas...


Your app is a great tool to use for first impressions. Some people might come across your app before ever setting foot in your church building. Creating a comprehensive home tab is a great way to give a good first impression for visitors. Building out or refining your home tab is also a helpful way to get your existing members excited to get back to church if they've been out during the summer months.



The fall is a great time for people to get connected. Whether someone is looking for a community group or wanting to serve, giving your church attendees an easy way to get plugged in is a great way to help them in the process. 


Regardless of when you added giving to your app, your community might need a refresher of all of the benefits of giving inside the app. The fall is a great time to introduce something new that will enhance their Sunday morning experience. You might want to discuss recurring giving, text-to-give, or any of the other great features of Subsplash Giving. It might even help you make up for any dip in giving you experienced during the summer months.

Using a great promotional tool like this video we created for our clients can help!  


Starting a new blog series or creating new artwork for your new sermon series might just be the push your community needs to start engaging with your church's app. Giving your congregation a little nudge towards enjoying all of the benefits of your church app might require some fresh content. 

As always, we are here to help with setting up any of these features and we've got even more ways to engage your community this fall if you're interested!

Get in touch with us if you want to get started on your customized app for your church or ministry. 

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