Your Media is More Popular Than You Think

Your Media is More Popular Than You Think
“The wifi’s down...”

Unless you have an unlimited data plan, this phrase often instills a slight internal panic. Whether it be a business trying to perform its daily activities, students studying in a cafe, watching Netflix at your house, or trying to pass time at the airport with Youtube videos, we live in a world that is heavily dependent on the internet and our devices.

While this attachment to our devices isn’t anything new, our time spent using them to consume digital media is definitely growing. So much so, that when an internet connection is lost, we suddenly feel a gap - not just in the use of our devices, but also in our daily media consumption habits we are used to.

2014 Year-in-Review

2014 was a year of hard work, innovation, a drive to create beautiful software, and of course some fun along the way. We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with an amazing group of people, not to mention the best clients around. As we're reflecting on the year, here's a glimpse into some of the things we were up to at Subsplash. Drumroll please... 

Total downloads- 14 million (2).png

We built, updated, and refreshed our product offering...


There were some new additions to the team! 

We camped together, BBQ'd together, played soccer together, drank lots of Starbucks together, dressed up in costumes together, and a lot of other togethers. 

And we can't forget our new sign and kitchen revamp... it's official! 

Happy New Year! 



Merry Christmas from Subsplash!

As the climax of the season approaches, we want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a wonderful time with friends and family. To celebrate our Savior's birth and our year together, we had a Christmas party at the Sole Repair Shop near downtown Seattle.  From delicious mini-burgers, to a hilarious photo-booth, to tearing up the dance floor to some Taylor Swift, I’d say the Sole Repair shop boosted our "souls" quite nicely. Here's a little glimpse of our evening! 


And now, the evidence of our photo-booth fun... 

                                                                 Getting cheesy... 

                                                                 Getting cheesy... 

                                                                    Ladies and...

                                                                    Ladies and...



                                                               Beard sandwich.

                                                               Beard sandwich.

                                              Welcome to the Subsplash family baby Aile!

                                              Welcome to the Subsplash family baby Aile!

We will be praying for everyone's Christmas Eve services and that more people will come to know God's miraculous love. "For unto us, a child was born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."

Merry Christmas!



The Mobile Revolution and the Church

7:00am hits, phone alarm goes off. Eat breakfast and check Twitter for morning news. Play your favorite Spotify playlist on your morning commute. Check notifications on your lunch break. Pay for coffee with the Starbucks app. Text family about dinner plans. Watch the hilarious Jimmy Fallon video your friend sent. Snap a pic of the breathtaking sunset. And much more in-between.

Sound familiar? Maybe the details differ for everyone, but one thing is the same for us all: mobile has become woven into our daily lives. With mobile passing the TV as “America’s first screen”, and people spending almost 2.5 hours daily engaging with apps alone, content consumed on a mobile device isn’t something to brush off as a passing trend.

In fact, we say with confidence that mobile has become vital. With the revolution of apps, mobile devices can now sync our daily, necessary, and leisurely activities all in one control center. People are relying on their devices to consume and communicate what is useful, helpful, and empowering in their daily lives.

[Enter the Church] These are the people that make up your congregation. These are the people that are actively seeking how to use their devices in greater and better ways. These are the people that can greatly benefit from your church’s resources beyond the Sunday service. With the global reach of the app stores, churches and ministries now have an amazing opportunity to enter the space of mobile technology and use it to provide a vital function in their congregation’s daily lives: hearing the Gospel, and staying connected to Christ’s Church.

This is a call to action. An action that we’ve seen countless churches use to fulfill their mission to spread the good news of Jesus, and use technology to be an active presence in the lives of those they shepherd. From more app downloads than members in their congregation, to increases in sermon downloads, to increases in giving, we’ve seen churches like The Village Church, Elevation Church, Fresh Life, and many others find great success through The Church App Platform. By making sermon archives, blogs, push notifications, giving, and other resources instantly accessible, apps can help you meet your audience in their context, on their time.

Think about the people that work weekends and can’t make it to Sunday services. Think about those that need your pastor’s weekly blog post to encourage their spirits. Think about the people who will share sermons via their social channels and will reach their friends and families as a result.

While there are a lot of overwhelming and uncertain ramifications that may accompany the mobile revolution, we challenge you to look at the great and powerful ways technology can be used for good. Here at Subsplash, we are passionate about using technology and delightful design to help make the most of your Gospel content. We want to see the Gospel shared to the ends of the earth. With The Church App Platform you can easily create and manage your own mobile apps, putting your content in the hands of a wider audience. We’d love to help you get started.

Happy Thanksgiving from Subsplash!


This Thanksgiving, we’d like to take the time to reflect on all of the things we are thankful for this season at Subsplash.

First and foremost, we are thankful for all of our wonderful clients. Thanks to you, there have been a total of 14 million app downloads. Say what!? Thanks for all of the time, effort, and stellar content you put into building your app. It has truly been a pleasure to work with all of you!

Over this past year, we have been in a new space that we have had the opportunity to build out and make our own. We are very thankful to have such an accommodating workspace that reflects who we are at Subsplash and allows us to grow!  


I think I speak on behalf of all Subsplashians that we are thankful to work with such great, hard-working, and fun people here in the city of Seattle. Even though it may get dark and rainy in the winter, at least we have each other to brighten up our days (cheesiness intended). Special thanks to Tim and Kristy who had the vision that started it all and brought all of us together. It's amazing to be apart of a company that strives toward the values of humility, innovation, and excellence each and every day.

And we can't go about Thanksgiving without a special thanks to the Church and all of the leaders that serve their congregation and the greater community. We love getting the opportunity to partner with you and join alongside the mission of spreading the Gospel message to the ends of the earth.

All-in-all, we feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to create and design software that helps organizations connect with their audience. We know that none of this would be possible without our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. By His grace, we have been saved and propelled into his good miraculous plan. And that, is what we are ultimately thankful for. 

Happy Thanksgiving!



Subsplash Fall Party!

We kicked off the holiday season with a dress-up Fall Party! And boy, did we have quite the batch of costumes.  From "Nosy the Riveter", to Westley and Buttercup, to Darth Vader himself, our costume contest had some serious competition. 

But in the end, the kids took the cake.. and the candy. I mean, look at this football baby... 

                                                              And these hoots. 

                                                              And these hoots. 

                                                           And this precious Tink :) 

                                                           And this precious Tink :) 

But, we have to give the adults some credit too.. we're basically kids at heart. 



                                                           Darth means business.. 

                                                           Darth means business.. 



                                                           Westley and Buttercup! 

                                                           Westley and Buttercup! 

                                                             The Turner Brigade! 

                                                             The Turner Brigade! 

Happy belated Halloween!



Client Spotlight: Breakaway Ministries

With 10,000 college students attending Breakaway Ministries on any given Tuesday night, it’s a no brainer that God is doing great things on the campus of Texas A&M. Led by Ben Stuart and his team, Breakaway is a weekly college ministry that gathers students together, shares the good news of Jesus, and helps connect them with the local church. Being a long-time fan of Breakaway and having been blessed by their podcast during my college years, I was incredibly excited to speak with them about their ministry, and how they’re using their app to spread the Gospel.

Brent Monogue, Breakaway’s Production Director, was able to tell us more about their heart for reaching college students through technology. “People don’t go anywhere nowadays without their smartphone. We created an app to take the Gospel further out to more and more people and deeper into the hearts of people who know and love Jesus. Our heart is to introduce students to Christ, connect them to His Church, and inspire them more to connect with Him.”  Well, Breakaway seems to be doing just that. With almost 11,000 downloads of their app after its launch just 2 months ago, as well as people across the nation and worldwide tracking with their online resources, Breakaway is clearly making a significant impact for Christ.

"We created an app to take the Gospel further out to more and more people and deeper into the hearts of people who know and love Jesus.”

In addition to their quality content and engaging artwork, one of the features that makes the Breakaway app stand out is its training feature. Not only can users watch weekly sermons, but they can also dig deeper into biblical text through hands-on training videos from Pastor Ben Stuart. “We use the training feature to be a resource to help not only students, but anyone who wants to study the bible more effectively.  That’s the 'deeper in' part.” Alongside the training tab is the ESV bible feature, giving users access to the bible, sermons, and training - all in one place.

And I’m not the only fan of Breakaway’s app. Students and users from all over have been enjoying access to Breakaway’s resources on their devices. With the app generating daily tweets and responses, Brent shared a few of them with us:

“I’m crazy about this app and Breakaway. Hours and hours of non-stop listening.”

“Downloading the Breakaway app is one of the best app decisions I’ve ever made.”

“I would have paid.  So thankful for this ministry, the podcasts are an amazing resource.”

“The Breakaway app is amazing. Thank you so much!”

While helping connect students to resources and training, the app has also been a great tool for more direct and immediate communication. When Breakaway had to change venues last minute, Brent sent out push notifications to notify almost 5,000 students who had subscribed. That covered at least half of the attendees!

“I came into the process knowing zero about apps.  Now I feel comfortable. It's been easier than expected and fun!” -Brent

We really love the look and feel of the Breakaway app. With engaging artwork and a practical layout that guides users deeper into biblical teachings, they have done a great job creating an amazing tool for their audience. The app is not only a useful resource for students, but for anyone that wants to be led into a more intimate relationship with Christ and His word.

If you haven’t downloaded their app yet, we strongly encourage you to do so here


The Results Are In! Apps vs. Mobile Websites

We all know the importance and prevalence of mobile in today’s age. With half the people in the world now engaging with content on a mobile device, the question is no longer if people are engaging with mobile, but how are people are engaging with mobile? Well, we’re glad you asked.

According to Nielsen's latest report, over 89% of time spent on mobile devices is in apps. This means out of the 2 hours and 19 minutes people are spending on their mobile devices each day, 2 of those hours are spent engaging with apps.

Not only are people spending more time using apps, but they are spending more time in apps per session than mobile websites. Here’s what Adobe found:

  • Smartphone users spend almost 3 times as long in mobile app sessions as they do on mobile website sessions

  • Tablet users spend 4 times as long in mobile app sessions as they do on mobile website sessions

But moving beyond statistics, let’s get into the why. Why are people engaging longer and more frequently with apps? The good news, for both your content and your audience, is that apps provide a unique way of connecting with people through their attractive interface, instant accessibility, and convenience to people’s lifestyle.

Take the Facebook app for instance. People use the Facebook app over the mobile website because of its more frequent and accessible content. It allows people to engage with updates and notifications in a more efficient and enjoyable way that fits into their on-the-go daily lifestyle. On the other hand, accessing the mobile site requires you to open a browser, then type in the website address, then type in your login information, and then… are you asleep yet? Apps allow users to get the instant access they need with just the tap of a screen, giving you the opportunity to catch the attention of your audience in ways you never could before.

Congratulations! You’ve now caught your audiences attention, but what about keeping it? Because apps are natively built to function across specific mobile devices and operating systems, the overall experience is more enjoyable as it's tailored to that specific device’s interface design. This includes the navigation throughout the app, media presentation, the ability to access content offline, and integration with other built-in capabilities of a mobile device such as social sharing and syncing calendar events. To put it simply, when it comes to spending time on a mobile device, people will keep engaging with something that’s enjoyable, easy, and fits in with their overall lifestyle.

And let’s not forget about direct communication. Because an app is present on a device’s interface, organizations can use features such as push notifications to communicate messages directly to their audience’s devices. Whereas mobile websites require a user to intentionally conduct a one-way search in a browser to access content, apps allow you and your audience to engage in more two-way communication. 

Having a mobile website and mobile app presence are both incredibly valuable, but when it comes to engaging with content, apps have the majority vote. While a mobile website has its value in giving an organization an upper hand in search-ability, apps deliver an interface that gives end-users a more enjoyable experience of media, text, navigation, and ultimately an organization's brand. This makes the small time investment of downloading an app worthwhile, as it produces more frequent and extended engagement from your audience.

In the end, it all comes down to how your audience currently interacts and expects to interact with content on a mobile device. We believe (as do the statistics), that apps give you the unique opportunity to create a deeper connection between your content and your audience. By creating an app for your organization, your content can receive the visibility and engagement it deserves.

What's in a Cloud?

If there were to be a real life “easy button”, I’d nominate Amazon’s Prime service in a heartbeat. Bear with me as I sing Amazon's praises briefly.  By saving users' payment information, order history, and providing short delivery time, Amazon transforms what could be a complex shopping process into a simple click of a button - leaving users saying, “Well, that was easy."

Yet even better than the service itself, is how the service makes people feel.  Amazon Prime allows users to spend the least amount of time for the largest reward, trusting that their package will be delivered efficiently and on time. 

It delivers delight to its customers and builds trust.  Here at Subsplash, we are passionate about doing the same.  That very desire is exactly what lead us to develop our first iPhone App, our Platform, and now… Subsplash Cloud.

Subsplash Cloud is the all-in-one "easy button" for delivering your content, expanding your reach, and engaging your audience.  With one place to upload, encode, and manage your media, you can now condense your media delivery efforts into one workflow, saving you both time and energy.

After uploading, watch your content go live to your custom Apps, Web Player, and Podcast feed with a single click.  Just like that!  Get ready to exhale a sigh of relief.  Now, and always, we’ve got your back.

Subsplash Cloud also gives you the opportunity to enhance your brand and create deeper engagement with your content.  Through a custom-branded interface, your audience can enjoy a rich and engaging media experience.

Condense your efforts, expand your reach, and engage your audience with Subsplash Cloud. 

Well, that was easy.

Updates from Subsplash

As you've probably noticed, is brand stinkin' new! We spent a lot of time crafting and designing this site to tell the Subsplash story well, and we hope you enjoy it! Some noteworthy things you should check out are: the Cloud, Apps, Web Player, and Podcast pages,  new layout and artwork (courtesy of our awesome design team), and the company page! 

We've been having an exciting (and sunny!) summer here at Subsplash, and launching our new website has been one of the bigger pieces. We can't wait to share some new product releases and updates to the Platform with you! Stay posted, we've got a lot to share! 

Thanks for being awesome,


Does Your School Have an App?

In today’s world, mobile and tablet use is rapidly growing and becoming more integrated into our everyday lives.  With over 6 billion mobile phones worldwide, 195 million tablets sold in 2013, and “nomophobia”- the fear of being without a mobile device- being a common occurrence in today’s culture, this growth is no surprise.

So what does this mean for today’s schools and educational communities?  Let’s break it down:

- 67% of college students’ smartphones and tablets are being used for academic purposes (a rate that has nearly doubled in one year)

- Mobile applications and tablet computing will have a time-to-adoption of one year or less in higher education (New Media Consortium 2013 Horizon Report)

- 51% of households with 3-15 year olds have a tablet computer

- 42% of children aged 5-15 are using a tablet at home

- According to a 2013 Survey done by Grunwald Associates:

- More than half of K-12 parents surveyed believe schools should make greater use of mobile devices

- 45% of parents said they had already purchased or will purchase a mobile device to support their children’s education

As we see the value of mobile and tablet devices becoming a more powerful communication tool in our culture, schools have an amazing opportunity to use these platforms to create stronger relationships and engagement within their communities.

In the 2013 CIO Review Education Technology special, John Hermes, Vice President of Information Technology at Oklahoma Christian University comments, “I think the most important thing we are trying to do is maintain a conduit of communication with our constituents. Having a mobile app presence has become just as important to us as having a website- and, you could argue, maybe even more important.”

Here at Subsplash, we are here to help.

With the Subsplash Platform, schools are able to strengthen their communication lines with their community through beautiful customized apps. From elementary schools to universities, our Platform offers a way to keep all members of the academic community in the loop.  With features that allow schools to share news, promote events, send push notifications and alerts, and stream audio and video content, schools are able to connect with students, parents, alumni, and prospective students in their context, on their time.

After speaking with Sam Totman, Director of External Relations at Anderson University College of Christian Studies, it was great to hear how the Subsplash Platform has been strengthening connections between the school and current students, as well as the school and prospective students. When asked what he saw as the most valuable purpose of having an app at Anderson University, Sam responded, “In today’s age, it’s so great to have an app as a resource that is relevant to the current generation.”

“Students love using the ‘Programs’ and ‘Courses’ tabs.  The ability to see all of the available courses and descriptions in one place makes the registration process a lot easier for them,” he commented. “Students also like the ability to connect with staff via the app.  The Staff Directory tab helps them easily find their contact information and creates a more open line of communication.”

Sam also commented on how having an app acts as a great marketing tool when attending conferences to attract prospective students.  “It makes us look so much better to potential students when we are able to present an app and encourage them to download it as a tool to learn more about the University.”

In addition to the ability to access staff directories and course options, schools also have the opportunity to engage students through features like a school calendar of events, event sign-up, sports news and scheduling information, blog tabs, campus maps and locations, bulletins, library hours and contact information, streaming video and audio lectures, as well as enabling students to share information through social media, email, and text messages.

Benefits of having an app for your school far surpass the student community.  The Subsplash Platform allows schools at the elementary, middle, and high school levels to strengthen their connections and relationships with parents as well. With push notifications and news updates, schools are able to send alerts, weather conditions, safety notifications, event reminders, volunteer opportunities, and much more to keep parents informed.  By allowing for pertinent information to be all in one place, schools have the potential to foster strong and trusting relationships between themselves and parents for a more engaged and aware academic community.

While our apps can host various information and resources, the Subsplash Platform allows for an organized, smooth navigation for users, allowing a convenient experience for staff, students, prospective students, parents, and alumni to engage and stay connected. Has your school explored the value that a mobile app can bring? We’d love to connect.

Android Tablet on the Subsplash App Platform


Introducing Android Tablet to the Subsplash Platform. Last year, Android tablet accounted for 61% of all tablet sales. And today, there’s a tablet in nearly 2/3rds of every US household. There are more ways to engage people today than ever before, and tablets have become a preferred avenue for experiencing media. With that in mind, we’ve thoughtfully spent the last year developing a rich and intuitive experience on Android tablet. Every detail in our apps are crafted with the end user in mind. From incredibly fast speeds, visually stunning media delivery, and a new robust sharing experience tailored to each unique user and their desired sharing outlets.


Android Tablet on the Subsplash Platform:

+ Available on a plethora of devices including: Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Samsung Note, Samsung Note, Samsung Galaxy and many more. + We wanted to build something that displayed media beautifully. Leveraging the capabilities of the Android Tablet UX, your media experience has never been better. + Video experience improvements. + Audio experience improvements. + Updated Now Playing experience. + Your large high res artwork looks brilliant within the app. + We've revamped the download experience. Managing and viewing your downloads is simple and intuitive. + Our improved sharing experience is delightful! Your audio and video content can now be shared from more places within the app than ever before, and to all of your social networks.

Available for download in the Google Play Store.


Are you ready to go mobile? With the Subsplash platform, you can now offer your own customized app on iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Windows Phone, and Android Tablet. Sign up for the Subsplash Platform today.

Already one of our wonderful clients? Upgrade to add Android Tablet to your suite of apps today.

Humility and Innovation

Our founder and CEO Tim Turner was recently featured in an article by C3 leaders,  a local ministry centered on Christ in commerce. The focus of this short article was to highlight the driving force behind our work here at Subsplash. A special thanks to the whole team at C3! You can read the whole article here:



Updates to Android on the Subsplash Platform

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 11.17.03 AM

We've been updating the Android app experience on the Subsplash Platform so that your app will look brilliant! It will be optimized for Android KitKat and the new larger phones like the Galaxy S4, HTC Hero, and the Google Nexus 5! We are in the process of submitting updates to the Google Play Store so keep your eyes peeled for the update to hit! Here are some of the delightful new changes you can expect:

- New design for main navigation that now includes swiping from tab to tab.

- New & improved video experience that’s clean and elegant. When using video, rotate your device to landscape and it will automatically make your video go full screen.

- More intuitive and delightful (not to mention Android-friendly) audio and video sharing!

- We have redesigned the audio experience from the ground up.  Not only do the Now Playing, Downloads and Playlist views look more beautiful than ever, we made behind-the-scenes changes to improve performance and usability.

- Your audio and video content can now be shared from more places within the app than ever before, and to all of your social networks (that's right, even Pinterest!).  Not only that, but the sharing experience will feel intuitive and elegant - like an Android app should!

- User interface improvements for the latest versions of Android including: Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and KitKat.

- It’s faster, more stable, and more responsive than ever!

- Optimized for small and large phone screen sizes: mdpi, ldpi, hdpi, xhdpi, and xxhdpi.

- Oh yea, we squashed a bunch of bugs too!

With the plethora of Android devices out there, and the many variables to consider, our goal is to make the user experience as consistent and clean as possible, and that's exactly what we've been working on!


Happy Thanksgiving!


We have so much to be thankful for here at Subsplash! We're thankful for our clients, an amazing team, and all that God has allowed us to do in getting Gospel content into the hands of millions. We hope you have an amazing day with your friends and family, not to mention enjoying some amazing food!


We had a Thanksgiving party ourselves and it was awesome. The whole team brought in a dish to share, from mashed potato casseroles and turkey, to homemade desserts and cranberry sauce.


 What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Do you share what you're thankful for in a group? Is there a dish your grandmother makes every year? We'd love to hear it!