How are you utilizing Group Push Notifications?

Group push notifications are a powerful way to send targeted messages to your audience. Once you create groups, your users can join them directly through the app. To start using groups, just navigate to your push notifications menu in the Subsplash Dashboard.

Here are four tips to help you get started with group push notifications:

  1. Creating groups: Create groups with distinct purposes and communication needs. A church might create groups for Parents, Young Adults, Volunteers, Women’s Ministry, and Men’s Group. Avoid creating too many groups or groups with overlapping purposes.
  2. Promoting groups: Once you’ve created your groups, send a push notification to your general group letting them know about this exciting new way to stay connected. Consider promoting your groups through other communication channels, such as your Facebook page or a church announcement.

  3. Connecting with groups: Now that you’ve created and promoted your groups, it’s time to start sending notifications! Send messages that are relevant and tailored to the respective group. Remember that groups are not confidential and anyone can join, so make sure not to use groups to send sensitive information.

  4. Managing groups: You can change a group name anytime, but make sure the topic is still relevant to the existing audience. For example, changing the Men’s Group to the Women’s Ministry would cause a lot of confusion! If a group is no longer needed or relevant (for example a group for Easter service volunteers), then it’s a good idea to archive the group.

That’s it! We designed groups to help you connect with your audience on a new level, and we hope you love using them! If you have any questions about group push notifications, contact our app specialist team. We would love to help.

The Benefits of Apple TV Apps

With all the hype around Apple TV apps, it’s hard to know if TV apps are just a passing trend, or an idea that’s going to shake up the technology landscape. Tim Cook’s speech at Apple TV’s unveiling this last September might be a clue to the permeability of this new marriage in technology when he was bold enough to declare, “We believe the future of TV is apps.”

We started developing for Apple TV so that our apps would be available on the same day as the Apple TV store launch, with the confidence that our clients would be able to reach their community like never before with their app on the big screen. We have already had an overwhelmingly positive response from many of our clients who have upgraded to Apple TV (if you’re interested in getting an Apple TV app for your organization, contact us!).

Since a few months have passed and the numbers have started rolling in about Apple TV app adoption, we wanted to share some of the stats and highlight the benefits of this brand new platform:

  • Subsplash holds many of the top 100 lifestyle Apple TV spots!
  • There are now over 2,600 apps in the Apple TV App Store

  • An average of 447 new apps are added to the store every week

  • The categories with the most apps are: Games, Entertainment, and Education

  • 61% of all apps are free

  • It is estimated that there will be a total of 5,000 apps/month added to the app store and 10,000 total in sometime early 2016

With the staggering rise in Apple TV app development, and adoption rates continuing to increase, we are excited that we get to be at the forefront of this growing trend. We know that the integration of your content with your audience’s daily lives is a priority for you, so we are glad to make that even more of a possibility by helping you get your app on Apple TV.

As more people catch on to this increasingly popular platform, you have an opportunity to showcase your brand in a new and exciting way!

Mobile Tech Roundup: 2016 App Trends and More!

Why mobile apps are the next website

Just like with websites when they first hit the scene, there are slow adopters to the world of apps. But as this article points out… “Whatever your business does, a custom app can promote it, expand it, and engage your customer base on an entirely different, and effective, level. Best of all, you have a 24/7 presence on the customer's phone, something they're virtually guaranteed to have with them everywhere they go. Every time they open it up, your logo and brand are right in front of them. You can't beat that level of exposure.”

Need we say more?

7 life skills that tech will make obsolete in 2016

It’s no secret that technology has integrated seamlessly into our day-to-day lives. The skills that come easily to our parents and grandparents might get pushed out altogether because of technological advancements. Here are a few predictions about what seemingly simple skills might become irrelevant in the coming year. 

Mobile app design trends for 2016

Custom user experiences, simple app navigation, and clean, appealing in-app visuals are quickly becoming the norm, not the exception. Stay ahead of the curve and check out some of these other really cool design trends for the year!

3 ways mobile technology has revolutionized old industries

From hospitality to healthcare, mobile technology is allowing industries that have been around for awhile to improve quality of service and innovate within their fields in new ways. Who’s to say which industry will catch on next?

6 reasons you may want to buy a new smartphone in 2016

Faster connections, better fingerprint sensors, and object recognition are just a few of the improvements we can expect from many of this year’s smartphones. The decision to upgrade is up to you, but first, take a glance at some of the benefits you're missing out on.

What are some of your mobile tech trend predictions for 2016? Let us know about them in the comments below!

Introducing Video and Audio Embeds for Websites and Blogs!

We know that creating multiple opportunities for your audience to engage with your content is incredibly important. That's why we're thrilled to announce that you can now embed your media content directly on your blog or website!

Any video or audio content hosted on Subsplash Cloud can be enjoyed in our beautiful embeddable media player.

By simply copying over a short snippet of code to your website or blog, users will now be able to engage with your media content without having to leave your site. Not only that, but you don't have to worry about losing any data. We will aggregate the play data from your media embeds and display them in your existing analytics!

By providing one more touch point between you and your audience, you can engage them on a deeper level and reach even more people!