Feature Update: Push Notifications 2.0!

We are so excited to announce that… we’ve been really busy! What does that mean for you? We’re glad you asked. We’ve taken advantage of the sweltering summer we’ve been having in Seattle to crank away on some new updates for you in our air conditioned office. You requested and we heard, so without further ado, here are some feature updates you can expect:

Scheduled Push Notifications

Select the date and time you’d like to send a push notification and schedule it ahead of time! You will see your notifications appear in a scheduled state on the Notifications page in the Dashboard, and at the predetermined time your notifications will be added to the queue for sending!

Notification Inbox

Your users can now reference all of the notifications you send in their Notification Inbox! No need to worry about someone dismissing a notification and missing your message altogether. You can now direct your audience to visit the Notification Inbox in your app. This exciting feature is now available in all Subsplash apps!

Push Notifications with Linking

You can now attach specific content to push notifications! That’s right, gone are the days where push notifications only launched your app, you can now direct your audience exactly where you want to lead them. Link to your latest sermon or an event sign-up page! This feature is available immediately, check it out in the Notification page in the Dashboard.

Segmented Push Notification Groups - Coming soon!

We are actively working on the ability for you to create segmented push notification groups within the Dashboard! Not only that, but your app users can choose which groups they would like to be a part of. Want to send something to just a specific group of people? No problem. Reach who you need at any time, in the palm of their hand. This feature will be available soon, so stay tuned!

We’d love to hear from you as you experiment with and enjoy these new features. Let us know how the updates are helping you take your app to the next level in the comments below.

3 Ways to Build Community with a School App

Out of all of the awesome things that we help our clients do through their apps, something that gets us really excited is providing an avenue for more robust community. We love seeing relationships getting stronger and going deeper through the tools that our clients include in their apps. With that said, we want to share a few more reasons why getting an app can benefit your school.

1. Foster Community with Families

To help families feel that the school their children go to is more than just an institution, many of our clients have included prayer groups in their app for support and encouragement.

You also have the option to upload any media from chapel’s or other gatherings that parents can listen to throughout the week and discuss with their children, which can provide even more opportunities for parents to engage with their children about what they are learning.

2. Bridge the Gap between Parents and Staff

For some families, the communication gap between what happens at home and what happens at school can be hard to navigate. With a mobile app from Subsplash, you can help narrow that gap a little bit more by keeping parents in the know and engaging students.

By including great features like new staff information and profiles, and even important school-wide alerts for safety concerns, you can give the families at your school an even greater feeling of community and a greater sense of appreciation for how you are helping shape their children’s lives.

3. Engage your Community

With kids spending the majority of their day at school, and many parents being heavily involved in the activities at their children’s schools, having an app can be a great resource for parents and children who want to stay connected throughout the week.

With tabs for things like blogs, newsletters, and Bible reading plans, students and parents can stay in-the-know about important updates and announcements. There is even an option to include details about school lunches.


We would love to help you get started with your own School App! Contact us today to get more information and build an app for your school.


3 Ways to Improve Communication with a School App

It’s hard to believe, but the weather is cooling down, school supplies are lining the displays at major department stores, and another school year is fast-approaching. In fact, for some, classes have already started and another academic year is in full swing.

In a previous post we discussed the value of building an app for your school by providing some compelling statistics about the relationship between mobile devices and education. In the first part of this two part series we want to take a look at some additional benefits of signing up for an app from a communication and community perspective:

1. Get Important Info in Front of Parents

The first days and weeks of a new school year can be a chaotic time for many parents as they try to set their children up for success by preparing them for everything from wearing the right outfit, to coming to class with the right colored markers.

A study by the National Education Association shows that student achievement is directly correlated to parent involvement, so with great tab features like supply lists, dress code information, and notifications of important parent/teacher meetings, creating an app can help parents stay connected with their school like never before.

2. Share School-Wide Events

Events can play an important part in the culture of any school; but keeping up with all of the athletic events, volunteer opportunities, and the like can be overwhelming and confusing.

A custom app for your school will make your newsletter and events available front and center on mobile devices. Smartphone users spend 85% of their time in apps, which gives you an opportunity to meet your community where they are at.

3. Share your Content (and Save Money!)

Having a blog or newsletter right in your app will save you the extra dollars it takes to create and print them out for families who want to stay in the know. It also removes the hassle of taking the time to send them out.

For private schools, we've provided a convenient "Giving" tab that can act as a reminder for parents that they have the option to support the school by donating.


Stay tuned for the second part of this School App series: 3 Ways to Build Community with a School App.

5 Ways Technology Enhances Our Lives

Technology has undoubtedly become a fixture in our society–where most everything that we do and interact with during the day involves high-tech in some capacity. It might be nice to occasionally unplug from our technology-saturated world and just enjoy the simplicity and nostalgia of life off the grid; but the truth is, technology has brought about countless societal advancements and benefits that we might not even realize, or take advantage of. Here is a short list of some of the ways technology enhances our lives:

1. It Promotes Education

Multiple studies have been done in recent years that have proven that kids have an easier time engaging with technology, when learning new concepts, over any other method. The use of digital tools in the classroom has increased significantly in the past year, and many schools have seen an increase in their students’ overall performance thanks to the use of mobile devices.

2. It Helps Us Stay Safe

Natural disasters are devastating no matter what precautions are taken, but the recent development of mobile technology might help keep more people safe, and in some cases, even save people’s lives in the wake of events like hurricanes.

With power outages being a common occurrence during big storms, mobile devices can step in where regular news stations aren’t able to. Using your device to receive news updates and even watch videos can be supremely helpful during times of crisis.

3. It Saves Lives

Mobile health apps are becoming increasingly popular and are proving to be a vital asset to families in Africa, where resources are scarce and access to healthcare is difficult at times. For women all over the country, having a free and easily accessible tool like a maternal health mobile app can mean the difference between life and death for themselves and their children.

With the rise of exceptional maternal health mobile apps, the quality of life for moms in developing countries continues to improve.

4. It Keeps Us Connected

We live in a very unique time in history that is marked by interconnectedness and information. You no longer have to wait to hear about your childhood best friend’s engagement thanks to social platforms like Facebook, and you can find out what is going on halfway across the globe in an instant with up-to-the-minute information from online news sources.

Staying connected to the world around us can help with things like keeping the right perspective about what’s going on in your own life, and maintaining relationships with people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. These advantages can be great for finding a job, reconnecting with old friends, and much more.

5. It Makes Life More Fun

Because of advancements in mobile technology, you can enjoy various types of entertainment like books, movies, or games instantly. In fact, you can store everything from news articles, to TV shows, to word puzzles, on one small device and take it with you wherever you go.

The dilemma of not having enough sources for entertainment is a thing of the past. The only decision you have to make now is what exciting, new thing should I choose to engage with next?

What are some other ways technology has enhanced our society? How has technology personally improved your life?