7 Ways to Encourage Giving

We want to help you encourage your community towards greater generosity, so while we've done our very best to set up an easy mobile giving platform, we know that's often only half the battle. Here are a few ways to reinforce your hopes for your church as they grow in financial stewardship. 

1. Make it simple

74% of Americans say they write no more than one check per month, and about 80% of Americans carry $50 or less in cash. Because of this reality, online and mobile giving is key. When it’s easy to give, people are more likely to give! With Subsplash Giving we’ve made giving simple and effortless.

2. Teach a Biblical view of stewardship

Emphasize tithing as a Biblical practice and an act of worship, not just a means to pay the church’s bills.

3. Communicate your vision

People are more likely to give to a clear cause. A mission statement or video can be a great way to share the essence of your church’s vision.

4. Share the impact

Share stories of how God is working in your church and community so members can see some of the ways their gifts are making a difference.

5. Offer financial classes or other resources

Personal money management is an important aspect of Christian stewardship. Helping people learn more about finance is a great way to serve your congregation, and as people gain control of their debt or finances they are more likely to become regular givers.

6. Practice financial transparency 

People are also more likely to make gifts when they know that their money is being managed wisely. Keep your congregation informed about the church budget and finances.

7. Ask

Encourage members to prayerfully consider how much God is calling them to give. A giving campaign can be a great way to engage first-time givers. Ask members who are able to take advantage of recurring giving, and consider sending a push notification during the summer to remind people to give.


If you have any other questions, please send us an email at giving@subsplash.com!


App Specialists: They're Kind of a Big Deal

When we say Subsplash apps are easy to set up and maintain, we mean it. While we are constantly working to make our Dashboard easy to navigate and improvements are being made all the time, we also know your experience setting up a Subsplash app will be a breeze because of the phenomenal support you'll receive from our App Specialist team. 

Our dedicated and friendly group of consultants are at our client's disposal for any questions.

Here are three ways they will positively impact your app experience:

1. They make your life easier with terrific tech support

One of the benefits of the Subsplash Platform is that your app gets updated automatically and bug fixes are on us. You can also enjoy feature upgrades and OS updates on the regular.

But what if you have a question about a new feature or want to integrate some new technology with an existing feature? Our app specialists have got your back! If you get stumped we provide phone and email tech support Monday through Friday, 7AM - 5PM PST.

2. They act as your personal app wizard

With dozens of clients creating a new app or updating an existing app every day, our app specialists have encountered pretty much every question in the book. They are uniquely qualified, but they aren't just problem solvers. They help you think creatively about different ways to use the platform so your app can be a success!

3. They are always eager to help and are incredibly friendly!

No matter what phase of app building or maintenance you are in, you'll always have an App Specialist at your disposal when you work with us. Part of what sets us apart as an organization is the support that we provide.

We consider it a privilege to work with our clients, and so when you call or email, there's always a friendly person on the other line, excited to talk to you!

Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about setting up an app. Or, if you're a current client, make sure to take advantage of our awesome consulting services!

Convince Your Boss to Go Mobile (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this short series, we talked about how to present the facts and the benefits to your boss when trying to convince them to create a mobile app for your organization. Last time we looked at a less hands-on approach, but for the technically inclined, here are a couple of ideas that might remove any barriers to getting your boss on board! 

Offer to help with the setup

Often times the only thing holding someone back from starting something new is the fear of the unknown, especially when it comes to a time commitment. Creating an app with Subsplash is easy to set up and maintain, and our app specialists will walk with you every step of the way!

Our team of mobile experts are dedicated to your success. If the decision makers at your organization are hesitant to get started on an app because of the time commitment, and you are excited by the idea of setting it up, why not offer to get things started? Once you become a mobile expert yourself, you can teach someone else to hand it off later. And fortunately for you, you've got a secret weapon: us! 

Offer to maintain the app

You may be looking for some opportunities to show initiative and take on a project you really enjoy. If you have some wiggle room with your existing commitments, why not volunteer to be on-point for maintaining your organization's app? You might be removing the last barrier to enhancing your reach as an organization. 

Whether you are just informing your boss about all of the ways an app can benefit your organization, or diving into the creation and maintenance of an app on behalf of your team, the best engagement with your community is yet to come with a customized mobile app!

Get started with us today! 

Maximize Push Notifications

Increasing efficiency, promoting campaigns, and making great content incredibly accessible are only a few of the benefits of using push notifications. Your audience has dozens, even hundreds of distractions demanding their attention each day. There is a barrage of media and messaging to constantly compete with, which is why the immediacy, accessibility, and brevity of push notifications makes them one of the best tools for reaching your audience. 

Just like with any mobile tool, coming up with a strategy, no matter how simple, will help you maximize this important feature in your app. We've come up with a few ideas on how to do just that!

1. Don't forget about the inbox

Even though push notifications are short and simple, your users might want want to review it at a later time, which is why the push notification inbox is very important so that no one misses your message.

To get the most out of this storage feature, occasionally draw your community's attention to it so that they are reminded to check it and see what they might've missed!

2. Send your message at the perfect moment

To reach your audience at exactly the right moment all you have to do is schedule a push notification ahead of time. Are you launching a campaign and need to stagger your content over a few days or weeks? No problem, just select a date and time and schedule your notification in advance so that your followers can get a friendly reminder.

Scheduled push notifications allow you to be as efficient as possible by scheduling content when it will be most useful to your audience. If you're wanting to send a new blog post during lunch time when your community is most likely to see it, scheduling ahead of time is a breeze.


3. Make great content a click away

Push notifications with linking makes promoting great content easier than ever. Whether you need to send a survey, or just want to share a great article out, try this helpful feature to increase engagement in your app!

4. Target a specific audience

You might have specific communication needs for specific groups, with Group Push Notifications you can eliminate any barriers to sending relevant content to the right group of people. 

Creating a group is simple and targeted. If you need to send out a reminder about a women's event, group notifications are your simple solution: just create a group and send your message without inconveniencing the rest of your community with a notification that's not relevant to them.

If you have any questions about signing up for an app or how to use push notifications, get in touch with us! We're happy to help.

How to Convince Your Boss to Go Mobile

Whether you're a leader in your company or a new addition to the team, it can be challenging to push for new ideas and initiatives at your organization when time and resources are limited. And let's face it, change is scary!

While organizations are increasingly embracing mobile technology, it can still take some convincing for leaders to get on board with the switch from more traditional methods, to adopting newer ones. 

To help you out, we've put together a list of a few tips on how to convince your boss that it's time to go mobile!

1. Show them the facts

With 2.2 million mobile device users globally, developing a mobile app strategy is the most effective way to reach your audience. Not only that, but mobile users spend nearly 3 hours every day on their smartphones, and a staggering 89% of time spent by users on mobile is in an app

These numbers speak loud and clear: if you want to reach people, the best way to do it is on their mobile devices. With all of the great content your organization creates, developing a mobile strategy will get your product and your message in front of more people.

2. Share the benefits

We like to talk about five main benefits of creating a customized mobile app: Engage your audience with content that is easy to add in the Subsplash Dashboard; Expand your reach by having your app available in every app store, and on all devices; Increase your revenue by providing a quick, secure mobile giving solution with Subsplash GivingSimplify your process by housing all of your content in the Subsplash Dashboard, and tracking your analytics in one place; Showcase your brand by presenting your media in a beautifully designed app and unparalleled mobile experience.

We have some other tips for you that will involve your active participation in setting up an app for your organization. Stay tuned for part two of this series!