3 Ways to Take Your App to the Next Level

When it comes to building an app, the concept of "if we build it they will come" doesn't hold true. With all of the content available at your audience's fingertips, it's impossible to be passive about your mobile strategy and be successful.

When you first made the decision to build an app for your organization, you likely had a vision and audience in mind, but it's easy to get lost along the way with competing priorities, limited resources, and maybe even slow adoption after launching your app. To help you make your app the best possible resource for your congregation, we've put together a few ideas to get you on the right track.

Let's ask a few questions that will serve as a framework so you can determine what success for your app would look like. 


We would suggest starting with three of the more popular features for churches and ministries, and then building from there based on who your audience is and what is relevant to them:



Regardless of what elements you include in your weekly services, every church has media in some shape or form. Whether you have videos, music, or only record sermon audio, our unparalleled media experience will help you provide great content that your community can integrate into their daily lives.

It's easy to download for a later time, users can multitask and do other things on their phone while listening, and there's even a handy 30 second rewind and fast forward feature so listeners don't miss a word of your content. 

Bible and Bible Reading Plans


The awesome thing about this feature is that your community can use it during the week, or directly in their app on Sunday morning. 


Subsplash Giving is an incredibly easy mobile giving solution, and we are invested in making sure awareness and adoption is successful. Subsplash Giving enables you to have a welcome place for new donors to give, and provides opportunity for increased donations from existing donors.


Not all churches have the same resources available to them, but that doesn't have to limit how they can use their app, which leads us to our next important question...


Whether you're running a lean staff of 3, or a large team of 100 we are committed to walking with you every step of the way and making your app a success! We have a whole team dedicated to that purpose. If you are looking for free resources to maximize your app, tips on how to organize your app, or technical questions, our App Specialist Team is willing and ready to take your call or answer your email! 

Regardless of what your leadership team looks like, answering this question as it relates to your app is important in helping you determine what ongoing maintenance of your app might look like, which leads us to our last question...


As your church evolves over time, your content should change too. Maybe you want to expand into video or start including blog posts in your app. Making a plan for the future will set you up for success.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about creating an app! 

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The Ultimate Engagement Platform

Subsplash is the industry leader in mobile apps, giving, and media delivery for churches. Our platform has the highest quality apps on more devices than any other church app provider.

People are more likely to stay engaged when you have a best-in-class app, and that's why we think about the user first. It’s not just about checking the box on each feature, it’s about making something beautiful that your community will enjoy using on a daily basis.

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Mobile Giving Can Help Your Church This Summer!

During the summer months the landscape at your church likely changes. While people travel, host friends and family, and spend more time out in the sun instead of in the pews, churches don't generally see the same levels of attendance and tithing.

As more people continue to adopt mobile, mobile giving is also becoming a regular part of people's digital lives - in fact, mobile donations increased by 45% from 2014 to 2015. What if giving at your church increased during the summer instead of dipped? 

Mobile Giving can be a huge benefit to churches who are wanting to keep their congregation engaged during the summer, despite people's hectic summer schedules. Here are a few ways Subsplash Giving can help: 

Recurring Giving

When users spend a few brief minutes setting up an account with Subsplash Giving they have the option to set up a recurring gift that will automatically withdraw funds on a fixed  day every month. This allows members of your church to continue to give faithfully even if their summer schedule clashes with regular life rhythms.


Give From Anywhere

Now with mobile giving, you can give from anywhere! Creating an app for your organization gives you an incredible opportunity to meet your community where they are at. When users go to your app to engage with your content, whether it be weekly sermons or blog posts, Giving can be front and center. 

Whether your community is out of town for just a weekend, or for a full month, chances are they won't be without their mobile phones. To help bring even more attention to how easy mobile giving is you can leverage other great tools, like push notifications.

Let's chat about helping you see the benefits of mobile giving for your community! 

11 Ways to Serve Your Community This Sunday — Part II

In Part 1 of this series we looked at some engaging features that can help you engage your audience on Sunday morning. Here are a few more!

We believe that engaged communities are giving communities. With Subsplash Giving right in your app you can witness tangible growth with our quick and easy mobile giving solution.

Have an upcoming event that you want to extend an invitation to from the pulpit? Integrating calendars into your app is easy and allows your community to add church events to their calendar on the spot!

sign up form.jpg

Easy social sharing in your Subsplash app allows your community to share your media, an event, and even email a friend their sermon notes if they couldn't make it to church that weekend.

Making an invitation to serve? You can add a sign up form to your app so that volunteers can sign up on the spot and not have to remember later on in the week.

To help people feel connected on an ongoing basis, create a connect form in your app so that people can quickly and easily find a group that's convenient for them to visit.


Our team of Mobile Experts is available to help all of our Subsplash clients and set them up for success. Our trained App Specialist will walk with you every step of the way to get these features set up!

To see a full list of features, check this out.

We'd love to chat with you about setting up an app for your organization! 

11 Ways to Serve Your Community This Sunday — Part 1

Apps have become the primary digital tool for daily interaction with your community. Since your app will be used more than your website, think mobile first! There are so many great features to include in your app that encourage your community to interact with your app on the daily, but beyond engaging your community during the week, we’ve designed some great tools to enhance your congregation’s worship gathering on the weekends. 

Here are a few examples of ways people can use your app starting with helping people get to your church all the way through getting people connected to a group.

Here are the features we are going to explore in this series:

  • Maps
  • Push Notifications
  • Digital Bulletins
  • Visitor Cards
  • Fill In Notes
  • Giving 
  • Live Interaction
  • Bible
  • Events
  • Sign Up Forms
  • Group Connect
Artboard 9.jpg

Easily integrate maps into your app so that when your community members open your app first thing on their way to your church, they have all the info they need. This feature is perfect for first time visitors!

Before your community even walks through your church doors, sending a push notification with a short teaser about what to expect that day is one small gesture to help your community feel excited about the weekend service. 


If you need to share some announcements or an order of service, digital bulletins are the perfect feature to give your congregation a glimpse of what to expect that weekend.

Help first time guests feel welcome by adding a vistor card to your app. Remove any barriers to people getting connected and make newcomers feel even more at home at your church!

This brand new tool promotes deeper engagement in your app by letting your community follow along with your message. Not only can you create custom fill in the blank notes for each sermon, you can provide a space for free-form journaling, or simple outlines.

Stay tuned for next week's post with 6 more features for your weekend gathering! In the meantime, get in touch with us about creating your app!