The Most Platforms

We develop for the most platforms and devices in the industry. Our apps are custom designed for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, Fire Phone, and Windows Phone.


Real-Time Updates

Every change you make in the Subsplash AppBuilder is instantly reflected and automatically pushed live to your apps.


No Coding Necessary

Don't worry about writing code for your apps. We handle that for you. We're constantly designing and building features for the platform that keep your app looking fresh on each device and OS.

Audio and Video

Audio and Video


The most high-quality presentation of video and audio in a mobile app. Play full-length video optimized for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


Push Notifications.png

Push Notifications

Send a personalized message to your community instantly! With Subsplash Push Notifications you can make rich and engaging messages by attaching media, events, and other types of content to your Push Notifications. Create Push Notification Groups for sending specific messages to targeted audiences!


Our system is built to help you share your content and provides a simple way for your community to share it with the world. Every time you add content to the app, we’ll create a custom web page built to showcase and share your media that integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Email, and more. 




Make sure your audience never misses a beat by keeping everyone up-to-date with all of your events. The Events module is designed to provide easy browsing while featuring detailed event information. Provide a description, map, share events, embed contact information/sign-ups and more.

Google Cast and AirPlay Support

Your audience will be able to enjoy content on the big screen via AirPlay on iOS and Google Cast on Android. With just a tap of a button, your users will be able to play your media on their home TV, speakers, or other device.



The RSS reader makes it easy to keep your community connected by integrating with your blog and news feeds.



Provide people with an easy way to find your locations and events. Map locations include details such as full addresses, contact info, event times, easy connection to your phone's GPS map, and more.




Upload album artwork and sort songs by album. Listen to an entire playlist, skip, repeat, and shuffle songs, or even download  for offline listening.

Fill In Notes

Add your sermon outlines and bulletins to your app with the easy-to-use Fill In Notes tool. Not only does it provide another way for users to engage with your app on a weekly basis, but it will help reduce printing costs.



App Promo Page

Additionally, we provide you with a custom App Promotion web page that allows you to easily promote your app on your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you choose. Your audience can share it, too!



With the Subsplash AppBuilder, you can update and customize your app on-the-fly. There’s no waiting for updates or silly charges for making changes.

Content Integrated with Subsplash Cloud

By uploading and organizing the content in your App, Subsplash Cloud automatically populates your customized Web Player and Podcast feed. No more worry or hassle with entering content in multiple places.

Subsplash Cloud

Support Team


If you ever have a technical question, or just need someone to talk to, we’re here for you. No need to worry about the software updates and development of the app, we’ve got your back, and we’re in it for the long haul.

Complete Feature List



  • Watch full-length video
  • Seek/fast-forward/rewind
  • Display artwork
  • Optimized for WiFi, 3G + 4G LTE
  • Optimized for iOS, Android + Windows Phone
  • Apple-approved video encoding
  • Vimeo compatible
  • Live-streaming integration
  • AirPlay + Apple TV integration


  • Present full-length audio files
  • Place-holding with smart-resume
  • Background audio for multitasking
  • Integrates with native OS-level controls
  • Audio downloads
  • Offline listening
  • Seek/fast-forward/rewind
  • Optimized for Apple and Android -approved headsets, remotes, docks
  • Displays artwork
  • Music player with album playlists
  • Live-streaming integration
  • AirPlay + Apple TV integration

Subsplash AppBuilder and Dashboard

  • Robust AppBuilder CMS (Content Management System)
  • Real-time content control
  • Customizable layout and features
  • Instant Cross-Platform Content Updates
  • Custom-branded app icons
  • Custom-branded app launch screen 
  • Custom color bars to match your brand
  • Customizable app navigation menu bar
  • Customizable navigation icons
  • Analytics for downloads, launches + impressions
  • Test app for live preview (before app store submission)
  • Subsplash Video Encoder (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone optimized)
  • Subsplash Cloud hosting

One-click Publishing To Phones and Tablets

  • iPhone
  • iPod touch
  • iPad
  • iPad mini
  • Android Phone
  • Android Tablet
  • Kindle Fire
  • Fire Phone
  • Windows Phone

Support and Customer Care

  • App Specialist phone + email support
  • Seattle-based team
  • Team of experts available for platform consulting
  • Platform documentation
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Troubleshooting


  • Enter dates, times, locations for your events
  • Links your existing event registration

Social Sharing and Promotion 

  • Twitter sharing
  • Facebook sharing
  • Email sharing
  • App promotion web page
  • App promotion slide for Powerpoint/slideroll
  • Custom app promotional video available

Push Notifications

  • Easy-to-use notification Dashboard
  • Group/Segmented Notifications
  • Attach content to notifications
  • Schedule notifications

Giving + Donations

  • Subsplash Giving included with every app package
  • Fast, in your app
  • Safe, PCI Compliant
  • $0/month - no hidden fees
  • Cards: Starting at 2.3% + .30/transaction
  • ACH: 1%
  • Smart ChMS Integrations
  • Recurring + one-time giving options

News, Reading, and Info

  • Brilliant Reader experience for blogs, news, etc.
  • PDF (bulletins, news, training)

Software Platform Service

  • Bug fixes
  • OS updates
  • App updates
  • Feature upgrades and new features added
  • Continual platform improvement
  • App submission and maintenance (Apple iTunes App Store, Google Play for Android, Windows Phone Store, Amazon Appstore)

Subsplash Infrastructure Built to Scale

  • Multiple server clusters across the US
  • World class global CDN
  • Built to scale - currently handling millions of user and billions of page views and media streaming across the globe
  • Load-balanced and distributed computing & systems
  • Premium media hosting and delivery
  • Ready to expand storage and bandwidth at a moment's notice to meet your needs

Subsplash Cloud Channels

  • Web Player for high-quality media presentation on the web
  • Podcasting driven from the Dashboard
  • Easy one-click publishing to the Web Player and Podcast channels 


  • Pro API integration with your existing CMS
  • Present lecture notes and 
  • Web links
  • Incorporate compatible services such as YouVersion, The City, Fellowship One, CCB, ACS, and more!
  • Staff directory
  • Department listings 
  • Connect with your online giving service

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