The simple, powerful, fully integrated website builder is here to take your digital engagement to the next level.



SnapPages revolutionizes the way you build websites, and works seamlessly with the rest of the Subsplash Platform through custom integrations that give you the ability to manage your content in a snap! Simply drag and drop your latest media item, media library, events, or Subsplash Giving right into your website, and we’ll take care of the rest.




Custom Church Templates

Ready to create a beautiful, powerful website in just a few clicks? We’ve got you covered! With SnapPages, you can either create a custom website from scratch or choose from a library of pre-built church templates and customize it with your church brand and content.



With SnapPages as a part of the Subsplash Platform, you can manage all of your content from within the Subsplash Dashboard and watch it populate on your custom mobile app, TV app, and website, with no extra work. It’s the easy and elegant way to manage all of your assets and engage your community from one place.



See SnapPages™ in action

Websites built on SnapPages integrate seamlessly with the Subsplash Platform and your custom apps.



Drag and Drop Editor

With our powerful drag-and-drop editor SnapPages is so easy to use that anyone can build a beautiful website in no time at all. It only takes a few clicks to assemble a page, move sections, or add new blocks, for complete control, and ultimate customization.


Fully Responsive Websites

SnapPages was built with mobile in mind so that your website will look beautiful on any device, at any size. All SnapPages templates are designed to automatically scale and adjust their layout based on your screen size so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting the right connect to your audience.

Secure Cloud Hosting

With the power of Subsplash Cloud not only are you able to store up to 20GB of images and content within your SnapPages site, but you can rest at ease knowing we’ve got security covered. SnapPages also stores previous versions of your website so nothing ever feels too permanent.


And more!

  • Custom Church Templates

  • Responsive web templates

  • Full bleed page sections

  • Built-in blogging tool

  • Customizable device layouts (mobile vs. desktop)

  • 20GB of storage

  • Secure cloud hosting

  • Apply custom code

  • Subsplash Platform Integration

  • 3D-image tilt

  • Parallax image sections

  • Events

  • Built-in Subsplash Web Embeds

  • Form builder

  • Image galleries

  • Vector images supported

  • Dedicated Support

  • Unlimited pages

  • Save and Publish Mode

  • Previous versions archive

  • Subsplash Premier Support

  • Immersive Media (full-length video and audio,
    smart-resume, and social sharing)

  • Subsplash Giving Integration



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