TV Apps

Engage your community on the big screen with your own TV app.


Engage Your Community

In a media-saturated world, your congregation doesn’t need one more TV show, one more movie, one more YouTube Channel. What they do need is more gospel-centered content that’s easily accessible. With TV Apps, you can reach your community every day of the week with content geared to strengthen their spiritual walk and help them along the discipleship journey.


Expand Your Reach

25% of your congregation has a smart TV — It’s time to help them put it to good use! With Roku and Apple TV you can now expand your reach to over 60 million users in multiple countries by creating a TV App to present your content in a whole new way. 



Join other Leading Ministries
using Subsplash TV Apps



What You Get:                 

The Subsplash Dashboard provides one centralized location to upload and share content across all platforms (Apps, TV, Web)

Easy one-click publishing

Simple customization for all your content

Unified church branding across your channels

A channel to engage your community all week long—anytime, anywhere


What Your Community Gets:

No more squinting at phone screens for Sunday livestreams - Watch on the big screen

On-demand streaming for all church content

Catch up on sermon series they missed

Share content with family and friends in the comfort of their home

Watch church content during community gatherings and small group studies



Put your content where your people are.
Get a TV app today!