Subsplash Messaging

Statement of Work


  • Branded standalone apps on phones and/or tablets (if included in your platform subscription)


  • Available inside your branded app

  • Unlimited private group channels

  • Unlimited messages sent and received

  • No hard limits on active users

  • Up to 100 participants per group channel

  • Channel owners can add and remove channel participants

  • Push notifications with the ability to mute channels

  • Activity indicator badges on iOS and Android app icons

  • Photo and gif sharing

  • Subsplash Dashboard management of channel owners

  • 24 months of message retention

  • Total people up to tier max:

    • Tier A: 0–100 people

    • Tier B: 101–500 people

    • Tier C: 501–1,000 people

    • Tier D: 1,001–2,500 people

    • Tier E: Custom max based on reported church size