Our Leaders


Tim Turner,
Founder and CEO

Tim and his wife, Kristy, are passionate about honoring God through building Subsplash into a lasting company that delights people around the world.
Tim has consulted software projects for XBOX, Expedia, Samsung, Cisco, T-Mobile and other fortune 500 companies. He's received patents for his work on touch-screen software and renewable energy. His projects have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Engadget, Gizmodo, and Wired.


Chris Sharpe,
VP of Business Development

Chris leads our Sales team and oversees various lead generating and client retention initiatives and strategies. Chris excels at raising up leaders and motivating them to succeed. As a seasoned business development professional, Chris has set sales records, built out sales processes, and established Subsplash as a market leader in the mobile app industry. Chris manages the sales team at Subsplash and continues to increase revenue and improve lead-to-sale conversion ratios year-over-year.


Glenn Reph,

VP of Finance

Glenn is our VP of Finance. He is an accomplished CEO, entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, and motivator. Glenn brings over 30 years of strategic business development and executive experience to the table, having worked with a variety of non-profits, churches, and software companies. He has a M.A. in Theology with an emphasis in Non-Profit Management and is pursuing his Ph.D. in Leadership, all of which give him a knack for thinking outside-the-box and helping companies achieve both short and long term goals.


Phil Goodman,
Director of People Operations

Phil leads Subsplash’s People Operations team, which includes: recruiting, HR, leadership development, and facilities management. Providing employees with a supportive work environment that is meaningful, stretching, and fair is a focus of Phil’s, reinforced by over 10 years of leadership experience in both business and nonprofits. Phil obtained an MBA at Seattle University where he focused on Leadership Development and Organizational Behavior.


Kristin Thorp,
Director of Marketing

Kristin leads the Marketing Team at Subsplash and is passionate about creating a world-class brand, sharing the power of the Subsplash Platform, and leading a team of creatives, innovators, and industry disruptors. In addition to a degree in Communication from the University of Washington, Kristin brings a love for the church and years of ministry experience in churches of all sizes to the story of Subsplash. When she’s not pushing the brand forward, she is leading a youth ministry and college internship at her church with her husband.


Matt Turner,
User Experience Design Lead

Matt leads the Design Team for Subsplash and has helped to design many of the features and services while refining processes and growing his team. In 2011, he led the design of Luminance for iOS, which was selected by Apple as Photo App of the Week. Matt loves hearing about how his team’s design delights clients. Matt is passionate about creating inspiring experiences for clients and end-users through exceptional design and high-quality apps.


Ryan Clodfelter,
Director of Engineering

Ryan leads the Engineering Team while actively building a world-class team of leaders, engineers, and designers to produce best-in-class software solutions for organizations of all sizes. He's had a direct hand in building and releasing important products and features like Subsplash Cloud, Web Player Pro, Push Notifications, and a complete redesign of Subsplash Android apps, among others.