Statements, Activity, Receipts

Can a donor donate as a "guest" instead of creating an account?

We are hoping to provide donors with the ability to give as Guests very soon!

How do I send my customer a receipt?

Receipts, refund notices, upcoming recurring payment notices and card expiration notices are all sent automatically. In the event that a user’s email address becomes non-deliverable, we will notify you so you can reach out to the donor asking them to update their email address.

What should I enter for my Subsplash Giving statement descriptor?

We require a name for your organization which all donors will easily recognize, plus contact information such as a telephone number or email address. Telephone is preferred as it gives your donors instant access to help and reduces the likelihood of a chargeback or retrieval request.

When will I receive a statement for my processing fees?

You can export a CSV statement through the Transactions area of your giving dashboard. From there, you can click on the date for the transfer you wish to export and select the Export button on the right.

I've been asked to verify a transfer receipt. What now?

As a security measure, when your recipients reach high transfer volumes, you must verify them before we send more transfers.