Refunds and Credits

Best practices for refunds and credits

  1. Have the whole Finance committee at the church see refund requests, not just individuals.
  2. Issue refunds promptly to prevent the risk of donor-initiated chargebacks.

How do I void a transaction?

Transactions cannot be voided because all transactions are processed immediately. You must simply issue a refund. 

How do I issue a refund?

Select the individual transaction in the Giving Dashboard and select the “Refund” button in the upper right corner. You can locate the transaction by selecting the donor from the Donors section, and then confirming the transaction amount and transaction ID (when possible) prior to issuing a refund.

Can I issue a partial refund?

No, refunds must be issued for the whole amount. If a partial refund is necessary, we recommend that you refund the full amount and then assist the donor in creating a new transaction for the correct amount. This limitation is in place to protect your organization from exposure to chargeback risk.

How do I give a refund to a different card?

Refunds should be issued to the original card on which the charge was made whenever possible. This protects your organization against fraud and chargebacks. If funds cannot be returned to a donor’s card, please contact support for assistance at

How do I cancel a refund?

Once a refund has been issued it cannot be cancelled – you will need to instruct your donor to make a new donation to offset the refund in this case.

How do I charge someone's card?

Only donors should create charges using your app or web giving screen. If a donor requires assistance, we recommend that you walk them through the process in person if possible.

Why was my donor's charge declined?

Subsplash does not decline charges, rather, we request approval from the bank that issued the card. If a customer’s card is declined, they should contact the issuing bank to determine the cause. You can assure them it is not an issue with your organization or your payment provider and suggest they call the support number on the back of their card.