How often are donations transferred to our account? Is there a limit to the number of transfers each week?

By default, all accounts are set to Weekly transfers on Wednesdays. There are also options for Daily transfers (limit one transfer per banking day) and Monthly transfers. If you would like to discuss the frequency of your transfers please email

Where is my first transfer?

There is a 7-day waiting period to process the first transfer. After that, you can configure your account to transfer your funds on various alternative schedules.

Why is my transfer delayed?

Most banks only process transfers on business days. Money sent on holidays or weekends may be available when your bank opens the next business day.

Can I place a hold on my transfer?

Yes. Contact us at and we will be happy to help!

How do I reconcile transfers from Subsplash Giving with my organization's bank account?

Within the Subsplash Giving Dashboard, you can access the Transfer details by clicking the blue Transfers link on the left hand side. This page will be empty until you have begun receiving donations from users.

Transfers Page

Subsplash Giving will transfer the funds to the bank account you designated on a weekly basis. In this view you can see all the transfers made to your bank account by date, transfer ID, bank account and gross amount.

View all of the transfers made to your bank

To reconcile each Transfer into your account, click on a specific transfer on the Transfer page and details will appear, similar to the image below. In this view you will see the breakdown of the Transfer by transaction date, donor, fund, net and gross amount. To learn more about a specific transaction, just click on it.

Detail view of a transfer

More information will be added to this FAQ gradually, so if you have a question in the future be sure the check back here for updates!