GrowCurve Credit

What is GrowCurve?

GrowCurve is Subsplash Giving’s commitment to providing the lowest gift processing rates in the industry. We want you to keep more money for your mission. With an app and giving package, gift processing starts at a low 2.3% and goes even lower as giving increases! Plus, there is no contract and no monthly fee.

How are giving and processing rates calculated? How does this lead to a Credit?

Giving and processing rates are calculated on a monthly basis, at the end of every month. We understand that giving can vary weekly so we look at the total monthly volume to determine the corresponding processing rate. If the monthly processing rate is lower than the rate(s) charged weekly, your church is eligible for a credit!

Does this mean we might qualify for a credit in some months but not in others?

Correct. Giving can vary each month and credits are calculated on total volume and corresponding processing rates. Check out our suggestions on seven ways to encourage giving!

When will we receive the credit?

Subsplash issues credits on a quarterly cycle. You will receive your GrowCurve credit about 45 days after the quarter ends. This allows time for our calculations, processing times, and any adjustments to gifts. Credits are transferred to the client bank account that receives all other gifts.

How will I know when the credit is issued?

You will receive an email with information about the credit. Additionally, it will appear under Transfers in your Giving Dashboard, making reconciliation easy for your bookkeeper!

If I cancel service with Subsplash Giving, will I still get a credit in 45 days?

No. Credits are for active clients who processed gifts that month.

I have more questions about GrowCurve and credits! Who can I ask?

Feel free to email with any questions you might have about Giving, GrowCurve, or credits. We are here to serve you!