Getting Started

Congratulations! You have signed up for Subsplash Giving!

While you now have Subsplash Giving, there are a few more steps you need to take before this feature is live in your app!


When you sign up for Subsplash Giving you receive your unique Giving link. Immediately after signing up, your Giving Account is pending approval. Once your account has been approved, the link will be live and you can test the donor experience and watch the transactions process in your Giving Dashboard! Request approval by emailing


You can access the Subsplash Giving Dashboard by following this link, or through The Church App Dashboard!

Before launching your Giving Account, we suggest you Personalize the Giving Experience by creating funds, adding imagery and more.

You may also want to test the Giving experience by running test transactions and by observing the transactions as they enter the Giving Dashboard! For extra hints on how to use the dashboard, visit our Subsplash Giving Dashboard FAQ.


When you are ready to activate the Subsplash Giving icon in the side menu of your mobile app and add a Giving tab to your AppBuilder, email!

While this feature is new to you, it will also be new to your audience!

Click here for some best practices on having a successful giving launch and creating excitement for your users.

Have more questions? You are likely to find answers at our Subsplash Giving FAQs.