General FAQs

Does Subsplash Giving support web giving?

Subsplash Giving supports both in-app and web giving. Our interface is mobile optimized to provide a smooth experience for users on mobile devices.

Does Subsplash Giving support kiosk giving?

Yes! We can provide URL links specifically for kiosk use, designed to log-out the user after every transaction. Any device can be set to display a giving portal. After each user completes his or her transaction, it will automatically log them out and return to a home screen. Soon, you will be able to find this link within the Giving Dashboard. Until then, we would be happy to send you a link to use on your kiosks! Request a link at

Can I get help launching Subsplash Giving with my community?

Yes! We are here to help you launch your Giving campaign with your community whether you are transitioning from another giving service or launching online giving for the first time! When you sign up, you will receive a presentation slide and a printable handout that will help you promote giving and your app. There is also the Subsplash Giving Best Practices Guide which you can download as a PDF!

How much time does it take for a transaction to go from "pending" to "processed"?

Credit card transactions usually go to processed in less than one minute. ACH transactions typically take two business day to receive confirmation from the donor's bank. In rare cases, ACH transactions may take up to one week or longer.

Does Subsplash Giving support text giving?

Yes! We can provide a unique code which donors can text to a specified number that will reply with a link to your Subsplash Giving module. To set up text giving on your Subsplash Giving account, send your request to

Additionally, Kindrid is a valued partner and we are happy to support your use of their services. If you decide to use Subsplash Giving, you can use it in addition to Kindrid or use Subsplash Giving as a standalone solution.

Will Subsplash Giving integrate with our existing ChMS?

We currently offer integration with Community Church Builder (CCB), Planning Center Giving, and Rock RMS.

We are actively working on direct integration with other top Church Management Systems. In the interim, we have a CSV export support for integrating with Church/Donor Management Systems, which you can use to manually update your ChMS database with Subsplash giving activity including donors, amounts and fund allocation. Our system handles all donor communications including year-end tax statements and gift receipts, so if you are not using a ChMS, our tool will reduce your workload!

I'm an account admin. Where do I login to the Subsplash Giving Dashboard?

To access the Subsplash Giving Dashboard, visit or from within The Church App Dashboard. The Giving Dashboard is only available to users with select permissions on their account due to the confidential and personal nature of the information contained in the dashboard.

I'm a donor. Where do I login to give to my church or organization?

Navigate to the Giving page and/or link on your organization or church's website or to the Giving tab in your organization or church's app. There, you will find a link or portal unique to the organization you want to give to. Simply follow the instructions to give! If you've already created a Giving account, look for the avatar in the top right hand corner of the banner to login.

Need help finding this link or tab? Contact your organization or church for more information!

Can I offer products in exchange for donations?

Due to merchant processing requirements for non-profits, goods and/or services may not be exchanged for charitable contributions.

Can I use a Fund for Event Registration or Selling Items?

Currently we do not support those functions. To use Subsplash Giving for transactions promising goods or services is a violation of the Terms of Services.

We understand you may be in the midst of collecting funds for specific events and ask that once the event has concluded, you use other means to collect registration fees.

Examples of funds we do NOT support:

  • Event registration (such as a church picnic, Vacation Bible School, or a retreat)

  • Sales (such as bookstore or coffee sales)

Examples of funds we DO support:

  • Building

  • Missions

  • Student Ministry Fund

  • Church Picnic Fund

In the next year we plan to release extensions of the Subsplash Giving platform to support event registration, tuition payment and merchandise sales.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the funds you have created!

Can I accept funds on behalf of a third party?

In short, no. Subsplash Giving is a system built for charitable contributions, which is regulated by the IRS. As a result, you can only collect donations on behalf of your organization.