3 Simple Steps to Maximize Your Giving

When it’s easy to give, people are more likely to give! With Subsplash Giving we’ve made giving in your app simple and effortless. Here are 3 best practices to get started increasing generosity to fuel your mission™. Let’s aim to increase your overall giving by more than 10%!


1. Enable on Your App + Website

To increase visibility, you should  enable your Giving as a primary tab in the app. You can do this easily in the Subsplash AppBuilder by adding your new Giving tab to the main app navigation. Subsplash Giving will automatically be in the side menu of your app for easy access. You will also want to link to your new Giving web page from your website.If you need help with this, call us. Our team is here to help.


2. Get Your Team Fired Up

Create promoters by having your team give first. By getting your leadership team to use it themselves, they will become advocates for all the people at your church they influence on a daily basis. This can be as simple as announcing at a staff meeting. Have them all get out their phones and set up their gifts. Doing that as a team through your app is fun and encouraging! Then simply ask them to share this awesome new tool with their groups and teams.


3. Promote on Sundays 

Display your new App Giving slide on the big screen both before and after Sunday service. We’ve provided you with a beautiful slide showing your app and your new giving experience.

Distribute your App Giving promotion cards with your bulletin and make them available at your welcome desk.

Have your Senior Pastor announce your new App Giving during Sunday service on stage! This is one of the most effective ways to help people get started. They know you and trust you. If you’re doing it, they’ll be excited to do it too. Emphasize the Biblical importance of giving regularly, sacrificially, and cheerfully (Check out the ‘7 ways to encourage giving’). When you first roll out Giving, announce it every week for the first month to ensure everyone knows about it to generate momentum. During the second month we recommend announcing it every other week, then once a month going forward.

Encourage people to use recurring gifts. As you’ve probably experienced, church attendance can drop up to 70%+ during the summer (July 4-Aug 15). People intend to give but they just aren’t physically present. Recurring gifts will help your ministry have more stable donation income all year round.


Extra Credit: Turn Your Giving up to 11.

Use Push Notifications in your app to connect with your audience throughout the week. Push notifications are a great way to remind users they can give through the app, especially during the summer when attendance might be lower. Upload new content to the app regularly to encourage frequent engagement. You can even use push notifications to tell stories of how God is working through your congregation’s generosity!

Maximize your online presence. Utilize other channels to promote your Giving, such as Twitter, Facebook and email. Use these opportunities to remind recipients of how their generosity is making an impact and to share your church’s mission.

Create and manage additional funds. You will have a General Fund ready to go from day-1. Your finance admin can log into the Subsplash Giving Dashboard to add and configure additional funds.

Did you know? — 74% of Americans say they write no more than one check per month, and about 80% of Americans carry $50 or less in cash. Everyone has a phone. Because of this reality, mobile giving is key.

Thanks for joining and we look forward to help you fuel your mission™ and share the Gospel!

–The Subsplash Team