Fill In Notes account updates


We’ve made exciting changes to Fill In Notes!

To help your audience engage more deeply with your notes, you can now add images using a new, built-in image library that stores all of your image files so that you can easily add them to any of your notes—no HTML knowledge required.

We’re also empowering you to collaborate with others in your organization by linking Fill In Notes and Subsplash Dashboard accounts. Now you can easily see what your team is working on and manage Fill In Notes together.

What do you need to do?

To receive these updates, your Fill In Notes account needs be associated with a user email in the Subsplash Dashboard. If your accounts aren’t linked, your Fill In Notes login will be disabled and your existing notes will be archived (not deleted).


If you’re already a Subsplash client, this won’t take much time at all! If you’re unable to login to the Fill In Notes dashboard, simply login to Subsplash Dashboard, select Settings and then Users. You will want to make sure that there is a Subsplash user account that is using the same exact email that your Fill in Notes account is using.

For example, if you normally login to Fill In Notes with but that email is not connected to any Subsplash User, you will need to either create a User account with that particular email or use an email of an current Subsplash user to login!

Important: While using a generic email address (e.g., for Fill In Notes may seem handy, our user agreement requires that you log in with a personal, individually managed email account (e.g.,

If your Fill In Notes email address is associated with multiple apps, your notes will be duplicated across all accounts.

If your organization is a Subsplash client but you don’t have access to the Subsplash Dashboard, contact your account administrator.


If you are currently using the Latest Document URL feature from Fill In Notes, which automatically pulls the most recent Fill In Notes document, you will need to replace the current URL with a new one ASAP.

Simply login to your Fill in Notes account, copy the Latest Document URL, and replace the existing links you’re using with the new link that you copy.

Not yet a Subsplash client?

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