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Our platform is inspired by a team of people who stay humble, make waves, and work hard with a passion to equip every church. We’re passionate about partnering with churches and ministries through transforming mobile engagement, online giving, websites, and media delivery. We are fueled to create, design, and deliver delight through simple and usable products for real people (like you)!



Subsplash is an innovation leader in mobile SaaS. We are blessed with a team of smart, fun, laser-focused people. As a design-centric company, we are dedicated to creating software experiences that delight our clients and users.


Our Core Values

Humility. Innovation. Excellence.


Our Teams

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People operations

The People Operations team at Subsplash is all about attracting, growing, and retaining top talent. From recruiting to human resources, leadership development to office management, everything we do comes from the belief that our people are what set us apart. We are culture curators and party-planning extraordinaires, and we’re totally obsessed with creating delight throughout the entire employee experience.

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product development

The Product Team is responsible for all the products Subsplash develops and delivers, including the App Platform and Merchant Services offerings. We are a team of designers, developers, and product management professionals, creating polished and compelling experiences for our clients and end users.

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The Marketing Team’s primary responsibility is to manage outward facing communications. We create beautiful and effective emails, social media, websites, videos and more. We identify prospects and nurture them into quality leads for our sales team.

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The Subsplash finance team is a growing team focused on keeping the company running efficiently and effectively. We are detail oriented, analytical number crunchers, and love improving processes (not to mention a good spreadsheet!).

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business development

The Business Development Team at Subsplash is about growing relationships with customers. We are constantly striving to find ways to connect with clients and fulfill their needs through our product, and communicate the value of what we offer.

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PLATFORM support

The Platform Support Team is a growing group of technically-inclined team members working to help clients learn and make the most of the Subsplash Platform. The secret to this team’s success is their wide array of skills.

Join our team

We believe that it takes a diverse team—made up of unique stories, skills, and backgrounds—all focused on the same mission in order to create a truly innovative platform. Our team of curious engineers, inventive designers, passionate consultants, and gritty number-crunchers work together to shape the future of mobile engagement and equip thousands of churches and ministries to share meaningful content and connect with their audiences around the world.


Perks and Benefits


A Culture of Delight

We work hard, but we know how to have fun too. We strive to create the emotion of delight by doing great work, recognizing a job well done, and taking time to enjoy the people we work with.. We’re really just one big family working together to make a big impact around the world! At every company meeting, you’ll experience a silly amount of clapping as we celebrate goals and team members who consistently live out our core values of humility, innovation, and excellence. 


Work-Life Synergy

A team full of understanding managers, remote opportunities, and flexible work are all a part of our aim to promote synergy between work and life. Our goal is to make sure our team members feel rested and refreshed every day of the week, so everyone has the option to work from home on Thursdays! (This is also a great opportunity to work in your sweatpants. Just saying.)



We have the best team around! We believe building a great company starts with building a stellar team through holistic professional development and team events. From spontaneous parties to our family-friendly summer events, we look for reasons big and small to celebrate victories —and just have fun together.


Snacks + Smoothies

Whether you're a health nut, or you just like a frozen afternoon treat , we’ve got you covered with freezers and fridges full to the brim. Take a peek inside our kitchen and you’ll find things like guacamole, kombucha, cold brew, bacon (we aren’t kidding), and all the smoothie makings you could ever need. Plus catered lunches every month!


Employee Care

We strive to offer the best care for our employees across the board at the lowest cost possible. Mental health benefits, Paid Family Leave, ergonomic workstations, and a supportive back-to-work maternity program are all created around the belief that our employees should thrive inside and outside of work.



We’ve crafted a paid time off and holiday plan that delivers delight all year round! Whether you plan to visit the Seven Wonders of the World, climb a mountain, or soak up the sun on a beach, our plan has intentionally been created with you and your loved ones in mind.

Feedback from our employees


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