How Subsplash supports religious freedom

June 30, 2022

In ancient times, Rome grew so powerful that it became the center of society. Emperors and aristocrats sought to entertain and distract the masses by hosting festivals, performances, and eventually the brutal gladiator games. Their plans worked. As these events became more extravagant and bizarre, the people clamored for more.

Big Tech platforms have become the Roman Colosseum of our time. Their owners are focused on increasing their profits and market shares by entertaining the masses. To keep people interested and coming back, they deliver content that often pushes societal norms and moral boundaries.

For example, TikTok, an app known for allowing users to upload short-form videos, is now the most downloaded app in the world and gets more traffic than Google. Its success is due to an elaborate algorithm that identifies and promotes content that users will most likely want to watch.

Most churches today rely heavily on Big Tech platforms to reach and communicate with their communities, despite these companies promoting non-Christian values and worldviews. And just like early Christians in Rome, churches are finding that their voices are often going unheard or even silenced by the roar of the crowds.

Subsplash believes that churches have a God-given and constitutional right to freely share the gospel, openly express their biblical teachings, and effectively disciple their followers. We seek to create a safe, distraction-free, and unrestricted platform where churches can reach wider audiences without the fear of their accounts being suspended, their content removed, or their churches deplatformed.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways Subsplash is using their platform to support religious freedom.

Churches own & control their content on Subsplash

Did you know that Big Tech platforms—like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram—take control of all the content that you stream or upload to their platforms? Worse yet, they can block your access to your account and even permanently delete your content.

Subsplash believes that your church should have ownership, access, and control over your own content. That’s why all of your church’s live streams, media libraries, and other content on the Subsplash Platform remain yours..

No subjective community guidelines

Big Tech values are fluid and continuously evolve according to the will of the masses. This means that biblical teaching and values are often viewed as offensive or even hateful. Because anyone can report your church’s content, it’s difficult to know when or what will be censored.

The Subsplash Platform was intentionally designed to allow your church the freedom to freely express your core beliefs without fear of being silenced by mob rule morality.

Streaming & hosting without fear of censorship

Churches, ministries, and Christian leaders are regularly being censored by Big Tech for sharing their beliefs. This censorship can appear as blocked accounts, interrupted live streams, or videos being taken down, and there is often a lack of any clear explanations or accountability for why the censorship has taken place.

Subsplash Live streams your services to your church’s website and mobile app without any fear of being censored, while also still allowing streaming to other platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube. You can also upload your content and create media libraries right within Subsplash Media. This gives your community more ways to tune in to your live streams and other videos even if they’re blocked by a Big Tech platform.

Content policies built to amplify the gospel message

Rather than offering content policies directed at throttling the voice of the church, Subsplash is dedicated to making the gospel accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why our content policy actually encourages religious expression and the freedom to share biblical truths, all in a safe and faith-friendly environment:

We value integrity, truth, respect for others, freedom of religion, free speech, and we strive to avoid displaying content, apps, or websites that are inappropriate according to traditional Christian scripture and values. For this reason, we don’t allow the publication or promotion of murder; torture; racism (that one ethnicity, people, or group is superior or inferior to another); blasphemy; or sexual, religious, or political content or activity that violates or disparages traditional Christian scripture and values, or organizations with such views.

Our goal is to encourage and amplify the sharing of the gospel. In the very rare case that we receive complaints about a church’s content, our team works directly with that church to resolve the issue.

Secure community engagement through messaging

Churches that use messaging services like Messenger or WhatsApp know the problems they can cause for their staff, such as:

  • Managing who has access
  • Moderating inappropriate content and language
  • Protecting people from cyberbullies and trolls
  • Sharing sensitive information such as prayer requests

Subsplash Messaging was created to give you church communication without limits right within your church’s app and on the web. It’s easy to set up groups, invite people to join, and to have one-on-one conversations. It’s also simple to manage who is accessing your groups, and it comes with automated moderation to filter out foul language and inappropriate images.

An online donation platform that respects your church

Big Tech donation platforms like PayPal and GoFundMe are often in the news for deactivating accounts that don’t align with their values. So, what happens if your church’s opinions and beliefs run contrary to those of Big Tech employees? You might find that your donations have been held up and your account blocked.

On top of this, most giving providers charge churches more for receiving more donations. In other words, the more people give, the more giving providers take.

Subsplash Giving respects your church’s freedom of religious expression, and it’s also the only church giving platform offering GrowCurve™, a feature that lowers your church’s processing fees as your giving increases.

Ministry without restrictions

Your church deserves a world-class platform that respects your religious freedom while helping you reach more people, engage them with the gospel, and build them up as disciples.

Over 16,000 churches and organizations use Subsplash as a trusted partner to reach millions of people with the gospel message without the threat of censorship, ads, or other distractions.  

Discover how your church can use Subsplash tools to minister without restrictions by filling out the short form below.


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