Which glasses are you wearing? (Android or iOS)


Over the last few years, the defining question has always been: Android or iPhone? As the years have gone by, and Android has pumped out some serious competitors, this question has become harder and harder to answer. I will try to address not only what makes someone identify with one brand over another, but also what each platform has to offer in terms of user experience.

Are you a hipster? Are you a techie? Are you both? There are different personas that align themselves with different brand categories. So what qualifies someone as an Android or iOS fan? There are several defining factors that make someone loyal to one platform as opposed to another. Apple and iOS really don’t need a lot of advertising. Their products speak for themselves and make brand loyalty almost effortless. Their UX is truly the best of its kind and makes navigating fairly easy - even for new adopters. Besides the bright and shiny hardware that can almost be considered a fashion accessory, the UX on iOS devices is what drags most users in. In fact, it was actually designed to be everything a user could want. For most people, this is true, but it is also the reason iOS devices are not customizable - because what more could you want? (Turns out some people do want more - cue Android applause). iOS devices are also the most spectacular way to view and use applications. From its extensive Apple App Store, to the seamless integration on all of its devices, apps are used to the best of their ability (and most beautifully) on iOS. So what kind of person prefers iOS? It’s fairly hard to classify because Apple especially has a very wide range of users. Design-centric individuals are easily some of the most tried and true iOS fans. Let’s just say if you wear thick framed glasses and own a flannel, there’s a good chance you’re an iPhone guy.

Android has a huge product offering. They range from brilliant to (unfortunately) pretty pathetic. These phones are huge for those that are firm believers in Google services. For you Google+, Gmail, and GoogleMaps lovers, the Android is incredibly valuable. Android is also much more customizable than iOS. You can bend and tweak it to fit your personal needs in a mobile device. Android could be considered the better choice for those wanting an all-in-one tool. If you’re phone doubles as a GPS, PC, camera, organizer - you may be an Android person. It’s also a common gripe that Android is more difficult to navigate than iOS, especially for first time smartphone users. All of these qualities make it hard to qualify exactly what an avid Android user is like, because of the vast differences in their products. Android not only produces the most expensive smartphones on the market, but also the most inexpensive. This factor spans users from those who require little technical abilities in a device to those who rely heavily on their computing power. The technical side of this spectrum is where you will find your most devoted Android fans. If you've ever seriously considered building your own robot, you're probably an Android guy.

Which one would you identify yourself with?