What's in a Cloud?

If there were to be a real life “easy button”, I’d nominate Amazon’s Prime service in a heartbeat. Bear with me as I sing Amazon's praises briefly.  By saving users' payment information, order history, and providing short delivery time, Amazon transforms what could be a complex shopping process into a simple click of a button - leaving users saying, “Well, that was easy."

Yet even better than the service itself, is how the service makes people feel.  Amazon Prime allows users to spend the least amount of time for the largest reward, trusting that their package will be delivered efficiently and on time. 

It delivers delight to its customers and builds trust.  Here at Subsplash, we are passionate about doing the same.  That very desire is exactly what lead us to develop our first iPhone App, our Platform, and now… Subsplash Cloud.

Subsplash Cloud is the all-in-one "easy button" for delivering your content, expanding your reach, and engaging your audience.  With one place to upload, encode, and manage your media, you can now condense your media delivery efforts into one workflow, saving you both time and energy.

After uploading, watch your content go live to your custom Apps, Web Player, and Podcast feed with a single click.  Just like that!  Get ready to exhale a sigh of relief.  Now, and always, we’ve got your back.

Subsplash Cloud also gives you the opportunity to enhance your brand and create deeper engagement with your content.  Through a custom-branded interface, your audience can enjoy a rich and engaging media experience.

Condense your efforts, expand your reach, and engage your audience with Subsplash Cloud. 

Well, that was easy.