Manage Your Media Like a Pro

Don’t you wish you could publish your sermons to all of your media channels with just one click? City On A Hill Church found themselves wishing for that exact thing not too long ago. We sat down with Russell Korets, one of their founding pastors, to chat about what goes on behind the scenes once their sermons are ready to publish online.


The Problem

City On A Hill desires to have their content available online so that more people can hear the good news of Jesus. But like many other churches, they had volunteers uploading their sermons to each channel (website, app, podcast, Facebook, etc). And also like many other churches, City on a Hill found that their volunteers were very busy throughout the week. Finding time to get the media files prepared and uploaded to all the proper channels became a daunting task. Often times, it would take multiple days to get Sunday’s sermon published everywhere.


The Solution

Fortunately, there is a solution for one-click media publishing, and City on a Hill did not have to look very hard to find it. The Subsplash Platform allows you to upload your sermon file one time, and publish it to your website, app, and podcast with just one click! This ended up saving tons of time for the church’s volunteers, and they even have young teens leading the charge of managing media content within the Subsplash dashboard. “If a 15-year-old kid can use Facebook and Instagram, then he can definitely do’s that easy,” says Russell. In addition to saving time for your staff and volunteers, Subsplash’s media player also provides an improved experience for end can cast a video to your TV, scrub through the sermon with no lag, seamlessly switch between video and audio, share with friends in just one click, and the sermon will continue to play when you lock your device. These features keep people coming back to your app and help increase long-term engagement.


Are you interested in getting one-click media publishing set up for your church? Good news: if you already use the Subsplash Platform, then this feature is readily available to you at no extra charge! And if you’d like to learn more, we’d love to help! You can chat with someone on our team right now by clicking the little box at the bottom right of this page. You can also give us a call anytime at 206-965-8090. 

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