Tips for an Effective Content Strategy

Once you get your mobile app up and running, it might be tempting to move on to the next big initiative for your organization, but we'd say, "hold on a minute...what's your strategy for keeping your audience engaged in your app?" The app creation and promotion stage is largely completed, now it's time to develop your content strategy.

Engaging content is going to make up a large part of your strategy for maximum engagement with your audience, here are a few tips for getting started:

1. Know (or come to know) your Audience

You might think this one is a given, but have you really considered what your community's mobile habits are? What about identifying common pain points that you might be able to address with helpful content? 

Going through a few exercises can you help you both nail down your audience's mobile habits, and find out what kind of content would be most relevant to them. Using your existing tools, like website analytics can help you answer some of these questions. Also, once you start to see some initial engagement in your app, our new and improved analytics in the Subsplash Dashboard will give you great visibility into your community's behaviors in your app!


2. Be Consistent

It can take some time to ramp up interest and adoption for your app. If you want to see continued growth for downloads and impressions it's important to remain consistent with the content you share. One helpful way to keep track of this is in a content calendar. There's plenty of free templates out there to get you started. You might want to start small with one blog post per month, and then scale it to three or four over time. But consistency is key. Publishing something on the same day of the week gives your community something to count on and look forward to.

3. Choose Quality over Quantity

Sometimes consistency can come at the expense of quality, but your audience has so much content at their disposal, and limited time. To help your community gravitate towards your content, you have to earn their trust by providing high-quality resources and on-brand messaging every time.

We'd love to help you get your mobile strategy off the ground. Get in touch with us about creating an app for your organization! And stay tuned for part 2 of this series!