6 Apple TV App Facts

With all the hype around Apple TV apps, it’s hard to know if TV apps are just a passing trend, or an idea that’s going to shake up the technology landscape. Tim Cook’s speech at Apple TV’s unveiling this last September might be a clue to the permeability of this new marriage in technology when he was bold enough to declare, “We believe the future of TV is apps.”

We started developing for Apple TV so that our apps would be available on the same day as the Apple TV store launch, with the confidence that our clients would be able to reach their community like never before with their app on the big screen. We have already had an overwhelmingly positive response from many of our clients who have upgraded to Apple TV (if you’re interested in getting an Apple TV app for your organization, contact us!).

Since a few months have passed and the numbers have started rolling in about Apple TV app adoption, we wanted to share some of the stats and highlight the benefits of this brand new platform:

1. Subsplash holds many of the top 100 lifestyle Apple TV spots!

2. There are now over 2,600 apps in the Apple TV App Store

3. An average of 447 new apps are added to the store every week

4. The categories with the most apps are: Games, Entertainment, and Education

5. 61% of all apps are free

6. It is estimated that there will be a total of 5,000 apps/month added to the app store and 10,000 total in sometime early 2016

With the staggering rise in Apple TV app development, and adoption rates continuing to increase, we are excited that we get to be at the forefront of this growing trend. We know that the integration of your content with your audience’s daily lives is a priority for you, so we are glad to make that even more of a possibility by helping you get your app on Apple TV.

As more people catch on to this increasingly popular platform, you have an opportunity to showcase your brand in a new and exciting way!

Hannah LorenceComment