Tech Roundup - Upgraded Portable Tech, The Power of Customization, and More

The second installment of our tech roundup will take you on a nostalgic journey to the days of floppy discs, give you a glimpse into how girls are using technology to improve their communities, and help you see the power of customization. We love tracking down stories that inspire and delight, and push us towards improvement and innovation; if you do too, read on!

1. 4 Portable Tech Upgrades as Told by Samsung

This article from Mashable is a fun look at how much technology has changed over the years. In fact, taking a look at this old tech might even make you grateful for how convenient your new tech is, even though it might drive you crazy sometimes.

2. Really Cool Waste Disposal App Created by Nigerian Girls

The Discardious app might be one of the coolest ideas to ever come out of the Global Technovation Challenge. The young girls’ idea stood out among 380 different apps and 64 countries. The concept, which would help to solve waste disposal problems in their community, is practically useful, and the experience was beneficial for the girls who learned some great skills at the event like networking and public speaking.

3. The Power of Customization

As businesses continue to seek out more individualized solutions for their objectives, companies are feeling the pressure to deliver more options for customization. This case study on Samsung KNOX Customization examines the power that customization can have as mobile users become more in tune with what their expectations should be for an optimal mobile experience.

4. The Pursuit of Mobile Responsiveness

The relationship between creating a mobile responsive site and winning more business continues to grow stronger. This interesting article on mobile marketing highlights the increasing demand for mobile responsiveness from users.

5. Five of the Best Android Apps for Learning a New Language

Now Android users can expand their horizons and prepare for those upcoming trips abroad with these helpful apps that will hopefully make them feel like those four years of high school French weren’t a complete waste.


What is your favorite story from this list? Tell us about it in the comments below!