Reaching Millennials for Jesus

What is a millennial?

The term "millennial" refers to the generation born between 1982 and 2004. This group of young people is the first to be born in a dominantly digital world, so it's no surprise they are usually associated with knowing and loving technology. 

There are more than 76 million millennials in the US alone, and millennials make up the most diverse and largest generation in history. What an incredible opportunity for the Church to engage such an influential group!


How are churches blocked in reaching millennials?

Most millennials are used to immediate and convenient access to almost everything. The Church has a unique opportunity to use the channels that are most likely to reach them, namely platforms that they interact with all the time like social media and apps, in an effort to engage them.

When churches don't take millennials preferences and tendencies into consideration, they struggle to engage with them in meaningful ways. By being slow to adopt new technology and methods of communication, the church is less effective in reaching this generation. Millennials have grown up with smartphones, so a customized app is the most effective way to reach them.

What can you do?

There are some very practical things you can do to take steps towards meaningful interactions with millennials. Here are 5 ways that we will unpack in part 2 of this series! 

1. Ask questions

2. Get millennials to volunteer at your church

3. Don't change your message, but the way it's communicated

4. Help millennials feel like they are part of the mission/story

5. Use your app


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