Platform Update: Google Cast, Side Menu, and iOS9!

Support for Google Cast is here! Now Android app users can take advantage of this exciting new feature. Google Cast is a technology that lets users cast their audio and video content from their phone or tablet right to their TV or speakers.

Google Cast-enabled apps allow you to stream your favorite media right to your Chromecast, Android TV, speakers, and other devices. Just plug a Chromecast into your TV and stream from the app. Having support for Google Cast will encourage community engagement by enabling users to gather together and watch content, anywhere, anytime. We are shipping out updates to Android apps in the coming weeks that will include this feature!

We've got a brand new addition to app navigation! Our new Push Notification Inbox allows audiences to quickly reference push notifications they've received in the past, or update the type of push notifications they receive. The side menu empowers audiences to stay in-the-know and be reached more directly!

Apple recently released their newest iOS update-iOS 9. We've been preparing new designs and functionality to take advantage of this sleek new OS, and can't wait to roll them out! Users can expect visual improvements that will make it all the more stunning. Updates will also incorporate the new multitasking capabilities in iOS 9 including: slide-over, split view, and picture in picture. More on that soon!