Appreciating pastors this month & beyond!


October is Pastor Appreciation Month! During this season of thanks, we want to extend gratitude to all of those involved in ministry. You’re the reason we do what we do, and we’re so thankful for your central role in making disciples, engaging your community, and making known the truth of Jesus.

We are delighted to have several ministry leaders on our team here at Subsplash. Here are just a few that serve not only our clients but their local community as well.

We appreciate you and the pastors that serve on our staff!


Justin, Global Manager of Strategic Partnerships, Subsplash

Community Pastor, Thread Church

What led you to your current role in ministry?

After spending time pastoring in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, my wife and I felt God leading us back home to Seattle to plant a church. We saw God move in incredible ways to open up doors in Capitol Hill, a neighborhood in the heart of the city. Since planting Thread Church 18 months ago, our desire has been to continually partner with the people and the spaces in our neighborhood where God is and has been moving.

What do you love about being in ministry?

I absolutely love seeing the Holy Spirit at work in people as they take steps forward in their pursuit of following Jesus. It’s an honor to have a relationship and a front row seat in people’s lives, while getting to share those “a-ha moments” of revelation and truth, freedom from addiction, acts of compassion, and the fruit of the Spirit on a full, brilliant display. I never take for granted the trust and relationships formed when walking with people through the deeply personal journey of discipleship.


Jessica, Accounting Assistant, Subsplash

Connect Pastor, Ballard Church

What led you to your current role in ministry?

My husband and I were serving on staff at a church in nearby Puyallup, WA for almost 7 years when our friends shared that they were taking over roles as lead pastors at a church in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. We prayed about it and were inspired to join them, so we transitioned out of our jobs, sold our house, and moved our family up to Seattle.

Is there a scripture passage that drives your passion for ministry?

I like how Matthew 11:28–30 (MSG) talks about being weary and burnt out on religion but continues with an invitation to find rest in Jesus. I think that weariness is very prevalent in our culture today as people find themselves burnt out on the idea of trying to achieve “perfection” in religion. I hope that through my life and ministry I communicate and reflect a life of freedom and joy found in Jesus.


Russell, Ministry Consultant, Subsplash

Lead Pastor, CityHill

What led you to your current role in ministry?

My grandfather was a prisoner in a Soviet concentration camp for being a pastor. Because of that, I’ve always known ministry as being sacrificial. But by seeing considerable life changes in individuals and families through knowing and growing in Christ, I did not want to give my life to anything else but ministry.

How do your ministry and work (and life outside these areas) support each other?

I like technology, but I love great technology. To see it done with excellence while equipping the Church to do its best work—sign me up! My passion and experience in ministry enables me to help churches expand their reach and do their work more effectively, which ultimately marries well with my firsthand knowledge of the Subsplash Platform.


Kristin, Director of Marketing, Subsplash

College & Youth Pastor, View Church

What led you to your current role in ministry?

When I was 18, I had a life-changing encounter at a youth camp where the pastor asked if anyone felt called to go into ministry and to be a pastor. In that moment I felt compelled for the first time to give my life to serving and building God’s Church. Since then, I’ve served in a variety of capacities and have partnered with churches in inspiring and life-giving ways. I truly believe there is no greater honor and privilege than shepherding and caring for the local church.

What’s special about the context in which you do ministry?

I get to serve alongside my husband, who is on staff at our church full-time as the Youth Pastor and View College Director. During the week, I’m blessed to do work that I love for a company that’s mission is to glorify God and equip the global church. Outside of those hours, I pour my heart and soul into pastoring the next generation so that they may know and encounter Jesus in an authentic way. Whether we’re having students over to our home, discovering new and innovative ways to engage the younger generation, or creating avenues for meaningful relationships and discipleship, I feel incredibly humbled by the context in which I get to do ministry.

As Pastor Appreciation Month comes to an end, we want to extend a thank you to all those involved in ministry. Know that you are loved, your work matters, and our team here at Subsplash is so grateful for you! Happy Pastor Appreciation Month!