Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship: Building Full-Time Disciples

We just got back from our second trip to Texas this year, which saw us trade our raincoats for t-shirts, experience the Texas State Fair for the first time, and spend lots of time with some of the awesome churches we serve in the Dallas area. 

One of those awesome churches is Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Led by Senior Pastor Dr. Tony Evans, OCBF started as a Bible study back in 1976 and has grown to be a large, influential church both in Dallas and beyond. Much has changed since 1976, but one thing that has remained the same is Dr. Evans' zeal and passion to preach the Bible in a bold, yet loving way.

"This is not a time for weak leadership," says Dr. Evans. "God has spoken and he has not stuttered. There are two answers to every question - God's answer and everyone else's, and everyone else is wrong. So we need to communicate that in a heart of love, but with authenticity and clarity." 

We loved getting some time to chat with Dr. Evans and his team at OCBF....they are some of the friendliest people we have met in our travels this year! Check out the video above to see the full interview with Dr. Evans (trust us, you're definitely going to want to watch the whole thing). If you are ever in the Dallas area and looking for a church to check out, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship should be on your radar. And if you're not in Dallas, you can download their app to learn more about their ministry. 

Brendan McDonnellComment