Mobile Tech Roundup

Here's a roundup of some of our favorite mobile tech stories from around the web!

The Debate Is over - Businesses Need Both Apps and Mobile Websites

If you've been debating whether a mobile app should be part of your marketing strategy, Check out the compelling data in this article about the future of consumer's relationships with apps!

Mobile app stats & growth trends you need to know

If "financial forecasters expect the mobile app industry to double over the next four years," these app stats and growth trends should help you to make your app more downloadable!

Are apps killing the web? 

If you can hang tight through a bit of a longer webinar, this conversation has some incredibly interesting insights about users continued preference for apps over the web.

More and more households are getting online solely through mobile devices

We already know that mobile search upended Google search last year, but a recent survey from the National Telecommunications & Information Administration shows that more and more households are accessing the internet primarily on their mobile phones too!

Why Mobile Is The Solution To An Omni-Channel World

"If there is one experience that you want to get right, it’s mobile." We couldn't agree more which is why we want to chat with you about setting up an app for your organization to propel your communication strategy forward!