Mobile Tech Roundup

1.  5 Strategies to Drive Mobile Engagement

How can you manage your app in such a way that it makes users want to return to it over and over again? Keeping your users in mind when creating push notifications, updating content in your app, and thinking through the overall value your app brings, are just a few considerations.

With these helpful strategies, increasing engagement in your app might be easier than you think.

2. Will mobile devices eventually replace desktop? 

It’s the question on everyone’s mind as the world of mobile continues to dominate the way we interact with technology. User-friendly devices like smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology leads us to consider: what is the future of desktop?

3. Two out of every three digital minutes are spent on mobile

The numbers speak for themselves. How are you making your communication strategy more mobile-friendly?

4. Complete overview of the mobile app development process (Infographic)

Despite the complex process, mobile app development is well worth it! This helpful infographic shows what all is involved.

5. Harnessing the Power of Mobile for Healthcare


With new opportunities in mobile technology, our well being and overall health is being tied to our digital habits.

Could apps eventually lead to effective positive behavior intervention? The recent developments in mobile technology seems to prove that leading a healthier lifestyle with the help of mobile is possible.

What are you some of your thoughts about the ways mobile technology is continually dominating the digital space?