Improvements Coming to Your App

When it comes to a great user experience, it’s all about the details. Whether it’s how fast something loads, an interface that’s clear and consistent, or an experience that feels familiar and intuitive—all of those little things add up. That’s why we’re particularly excited about the upcoming bundle of improvements coming to your iOS app.

Unified Audio and Video Player

The audio and video playing experience is now combined, which is helpful if a user is watching a video but then navigates elsewhere in the app or on their phone, in which case the audio will automatically resume playing in the same place.


Refreshed Interface

The now playing (equalizer) icon in the upper right corner of your app now animates when listening to audio. This will make it easier for your users to find the volume and fast forward/rewind controls when listening to content.

User Accounts

Users can now create accounts so that they can access their notes and giving history on any device. This feature unlocks many improvements to come, so stay tuned!


New Features in the App Menu

Downloads have moved to the app menu (alongside the new notes feature) for easy access.


You will be able to take advantage of these new features as soon as your iOS app is updated to version 4.7.0+, which will happen automatically within the next few weeks. If you're curious which version your app is currently running, you can find out by navigating to Settings > About > Version within the side menu of your app. Enjoy!

Brendan McDonnellComment