How To Use Your ChMS With Your App

Your Church Management System (ChMS) is an integral part of your communication strategy. It allows you to better plan, track, and manage people and events for your church. Encouraging widespread adoption to your congregation can be a challenge, though, as this requires church members to go home, go online, and learn how to use your ChMS. It’s certainly not impossible, but one thing we have noticed is that churches who incorporate their ChMS into their app tend to see much more usage of both the app and the ChMS. Since people are already using your app on a regular basis (and since downloading and using your app is not something they need to be taught how to do), having your content available there is a great way to increase adoption. Not only that, but tying your ChMS into your app can streamline your team's workflow as well.

Recently, there’s been much excitement and discussion about ChMS integrations here at Subsplash (be sure to check out our Keynote for more info), as we are drawing up some big things for the future. But what you may not know is that there are actually many great ways you can tie your ChMS into your app RIGHT NOW. Let’s take a look at just a few:  


Instead of telling your congregation to go home and go online to sign up for that event you’re having next week, you can put that sign up form directly into your app, allowing users to sign up for events right from their seat on Sunday morning, and without getting kicked out to an external web browser. With the Subsplash Platform, you can even customize exactly where these forms appear inside the app. You can add your sign up form to a media item, list, event, or wherever you want! Of course, you can also send out targeted push notifications that link to the event in your app (which also has the sign up form at the bottom)!


Subsplash Giving offers churches the cleanest interface and lowest processing rates on the market. But not only that, you can easily sync all of your giving data to your ChMS with Simple Sync. Simply export each batch’s data to your ChMS and have all the information automatically line up with the proper fields. This allows you to increase giving in your church without having to increase the amount of time you spend managing donations. Additionally, Subsplash offers a direct integration with CCB (with more systems on the way!). Integrations allow all of your data to automatically sync with your exporting involved!


Don’t want to update multiple event calendars? No problem! You can easily import your ChMS calendars into the app. Any time you add or update an event in your ChMS, those changes will be reflected in the app as well.

Embeddable ChMS

If you would like your congregation to have access to all your ChMS has to offer right inside the app, we have good news: you can do that. It is easy to embed your entire ChMS into the app so that users can log in and do whatever they need to do without getting kicked out to an external web browser. This allows easier access for your congregation, helps your streamline your communication (everything is in one place right inside the app), and makes it easier to increase adoption in your church.

As we mentioned in our Keynote, we are so excited about what the future holds for integrations. Our team is actively working with CCB, Planning Center, Breeze, Rock RMS, Elvanto, ACS, Ministry Platform, and more, to develop some deeper integrations that help you customize your app on a more personal level. We are excited to expand on our platform and add features that allow for an easier workflow and an easier way for people in your church to get connected. Be on the lookout for some exciting updates and as always, let us know if you have any questions….we are here to help!

Brendan McDonnell