How are you utilizing Group Push Notifications?


Group push notifications are a powerful way to send targeted messages to your audience. Once you create groups, your users can join them directly through the app. To start using groups, just navigate to your push notifications menu in the Subsplash Dashboard.

Here are four tips to help you get started with group push notifications:

  1. Creating groups: Create groups with distinct purposes and communication needs. A church might create groups for Parents, Young Adults, Volunteers, Women’s Ministry, and Men’s Group. Avoid creating too many groups or groups with overlapping purposes.

  2. Promoting groups: Once you’ve created your groups, send a push notification to your general group letting them know about this exciting new way to stay connected. Consider promoting your groups through other communication channels, such as your Facebook page or a church announcement.

  3. Connecting with groups: Now that you’ve created and promoted your groups, it’s time to start sending notifications! Send messages that are relevant and tailored to the respective group. Remember that groups are not confidential and anyone can join, so make sure not to use groups to send sensitive information.

  4. Managing groups: You can change a group name anytime, but make sure the topic is still relevant to the existing audience. For example, changing the Men’s Group to the Women’s Ministry would cause a lot of confusion! If a group is no longer needed or relevant (for example a group for Easter service volunteers), then it’s a good idea to archive the group.

That’s it! We designed groups to help you connect with your audience on a new level, and we hope you love using them! If you have any questions about group push notifications, contact our app specialist team. We would love to help.

Krissy SchoefflingComment